Career Opportunities at All American Turf Beauty!

One of the things Kevin Johnson, President of All American Turf Beauty, is most proud of is the number of his employees who have made the choice to have a career providing lawn care. “We have a long list of fellow workers who have 10+ years of working at our company,” says Johnson. There seems to be a common characteristic work trait for this longevity. “Most of our long-time employees enjoy working outdoors, display a great customer service attitude, and most importantly genuinely enjoy working with their clients” according to Mr. Johnson.

Although All American Turf Beauty started out as a family business, in 1995, the company switched to being an Employee Owned Company. Employees now own over 50% of the company states Johnson. “Our long-term employees have become part owners of a successful business” notes Johnson, which he believes helps cement his employees’ choice of having a rewarding career at All American Turf Beauty.

Competitive pay is afforded to employees as well. “Our pay system rewards employees who provide superior service and results for our customers” – which is attractive to performance driven individuals, according to Johnson.

Johnson feels that his company provides an excellent employment opportunity for individuals who enjoy working outdoors, working in a family environment, seeing the results of their efforts, and are looking for an opportunity to become an owner of a growing company. “It really is a great opportunity” states Johnson, and more importantly “We are always looking for good people who are looking for a long-term career.”

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