Permanent Outdoor Lighting in Iowa

We all love to light up our homes during holidays and festivities, but putting up the holiday lights and taking them back down, bring their own set of hassles. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to do the job yourself, every year you’ll need to spend hefty amounts for the installation and removal of lights. Well, to avoid the cost and hassle, why not go for permanent outdoor lighting?

Permanent architectural lighting can beautifully illuminate your home and business while helping you save costs and stay stress-free. Let’s look at the major advantages offered by permanent landscape lighting systems.

Why Choose Permanent Outdoor Lighting – Key Advantages

1. Saves Costs Over Time

If professionals are installing and removing your holiday lighting displays, installing permanent architectural outdoor lighting can help you save costs over time. Permanent lighting is installed only once, and you rarely need to worry about repairs or replacements. In fact, the permanent outdoor lighting systems end up paying for themselves after a few years!

2. Useful for Several Occasions

Besides Christmas, you can use colorful permanent outdoor LED lighting for several other occasions, like birthday parties, wedding receptions, graduations, and other festivities and events. No need to bear the stress of installing and removing lights again and again.

3. Invisible in Daytime

Permanent landscape lighting design is nearly invisible during the daytime. The lights are installed near your home’s fascia making them blend in with your home architecture. The lights are visible only when you turn them on.

4. Rewarding for Business

The holiday season is when businesses often see their sales skyrocket, so it’s wise for business owners to leverage every opportunity to draw more traffic to their business locations. Lighting up your storefront draws the attention of potential customers to your business, dramatically improves the ambiance, and gives you an edge over your competitors.

5. Ease of Operation of Permanent Lighting

Permanent architectural landscape lighting offered by All American Turf Beauty can be controlled from anywhere in real time using a smartphone, tablet, or web browser. Our cloud-based control system lets you change the lighting colors right from your mobile device, with you having full control at your fingertips.

Give a Festive Feel to Your Home and Business with Our Custom Permanent Outdoor Lighting!

Switch to a one-time, permanent installation of landscape lighting to illuminate your home and business during every occasion in a hassle-free way. At All American Turf Beauty, we offer professional landscape lighting design services with permanent lighting. Our permanent lighting systems come with a 10-year warranty. With little-to-no maintenance requirements, our lighting fixtures pay for themselves in two years. Our architectural lighting company, based in Iowa, offers low-voltage LED lights, which consume 12 percent of the energy needed by standard string lights, resulting in about 87 percent savings on power usage. Request a consultation today or contact us to know more!