Three Ways to Accentuate Your Front Door with Outdoor Lighting

The front door is the first impression for guests when they walk in your home and the ultimate “welcome” sign for visitors.

Front door lighting decoration

Your front door is the main attraction for the entryway to your house, which is why it should be tasteful and well-lit. Not only should it match the overall style of your home but also be an added feature within your overall landscape lighting design. Here are three ways to highlight your front door: 

1. Lighting the Way

Accentuating the path leading to your front steps will add direction and volume to your front yard. This can also add a layer of safety and security to your home for guests walking up at night. Path lights are the perfect, subtle addition to highlight a brick pathway or staircase leading to the front of your home. Path lights, which come in a variety of styles offered by Nite Time Décor, will serve you well for illuminating your walkway while adding a unique layer to your outdoor lighting scheme.

path lighting

2. A Glowing Front Porch

For homeowners with a front porch, it’s best to highlight this useful and cozy feature with warm, overhead lighting. The advantage with overhead lighting is the variety of fixtures available to best accent your home. For a softer look, you can choose hidden ceiling lights that add a simple glow to your porch. If you’re taking a more decorative approach, choose lighting fixtures that blend in with the overall style of your home. Whether it’s southern-style country or urban and hip, be sure to add an overhead lighting accessory to add brightness and value to your porch.

overhead lighting

3. The Door Itself

Your front door should be well-lit to add an inviting ambiance to your home. There are several ways to execute this technique, but one of the best is by using wall sconces. Sconces usually direct light up or downward and illuminate a specific space or unique detail in a home. These lights can be as decorative and creative or soft and subtle as you’d like. Both types will add a hint of beauty and warmth to your front door.

Front door lighting

Nite Time Décor offers several products to accentuate your front door or other parts of your outdoor landscape lighting. To check out different lighting styles or to get in touch with a contractor, visit us at

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