All American Turf Beauty, Inc. Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting

Want to light up for the holidays, but don’t have the time, equipment, or expertise?  Let the professionals do it!

“Most of our customers love to decorate for the holidays, but prefer the hassle free service, convenience, and results that a professional service can provide” says Jim O’Loughlin of Christmas Décor by All American Turf Beauty. Our service ensures convenience, safety, and astonishing results!

Turn-key service program includes:

  • Custom decorating design
  • Professional installation of top quality products
  • Proactive inspection and maintenance
  • Take down and storage of display

Custom decorating design

Christmas Decors Design It’s easy to get started. Christmas Décor’s Design professional will visit your property, take pictures of your home, and utilize our exclusive design software to produce a custom design package. The design will depend on the features of the property that can be decorated. Typically, this would include roof lines, windows, trees and shrubs, ground lighting, and day time décor such as wreaths and garland.
Now comes the fun part. Utilizing a laptop computer, we will sit down with the customer and show them various design options for their home. Some customers like it all, but most like to pick and choose the decorating options based on their taste, budget, and what make sense for them.
Christmas DécorThe customer has full interaction in choosing the final design. On the computer, we can show them whichever combinations of design options they would like to see – even different colors all imposed on their home. We price each design option separately by line item so the customer can control the cost of their display. This interaction allows the customer to choose display options that they like and the amount they would be comfortable spending. It also gives them options of items they can add “next year” to build on their display.

Professional installation

  • All products utilized by Christmas Décor by All American Turf Beauty are exclusively made for the Christmas Décor Franchise system ensuring quality commercial products.
  • We utilize various clips and fasteners that are not intrusive to the customer’s property.
  • Lights and decorations are custom fit to the property providing a sleek professional look. For added convenience the display is operated with digital timers that come on each day whether the customer is home or not.
  • Safety is very important. When on your property, our installation professional will utilize all of the latest safety equipment and techniques for using ladders, safety harness, and other installation equipment.

Proactive maintenance

As part of our no hassle service, we will visit the property in the month of December to make sure everything is working perfectly. If, at any time, you see a burnt-out bulb or other problems, call our office. Service calls are free and part of our service.

Take Down and storage

When the holidays are over we will take down all the decorations, label them so we know how to put them back up next year, inspect them for any problems, and pack them in plastic totes for storage at our facility.

This system allows us to provide no hassle, turnkey service and picture-perfect displays you can be proud of!

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy! Just call 1-800-365-8873 and make an appointment with one of our outdoor lighting experts. We will personally meet with you and discuss other lawn lighting services you might want.


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