7 Ways to Benefit your Lawns with Earth-friendly Lawn Care

May 28, 2019

In 1976 All American Turf Beauty was the first company in Iowa to offer programmed lawn care. The company founders literally invented and developed the industry in Iowa. Get a beautiful weed-free lawn with our professional lawn care services!

In every aspect of our lives, sustainable living has made a marked impression, so why should our lawns be left behind? An earth-friendly lawn care program not only beautifies the green space, but it also caters to the environment. Your pets and kids will be safe around lawns which are devoid of harmful chemicals. The best way to do it is by hiring lawn care professionals who will go au naturel. Here are the 7 ways your lawns can benefit from their services.

Long-term investment for your lawns

Earth-friendly landscaping and lawn care practices are investments of a lifetime. They are not only energy-efficient, but they save money. An earth-focused lawn care company will not only look at the problems, it will literally go deep into the ‘root’ of the problem. For them, lawn maintenance would mean literally digging deep and finding information about soil, water and plant maintenance for a year-long lush landscape.

Application of Smart Lawn Care Maintenance

A beautiful and healthy lawn begins with smart changes in the way you treat your yard. During lawn maintenance, they will keep the grass short and trim the shrubs. Short grass allows more sunlight to reach the ground. As the lawn becomes dry, there will be fewer ticks and fleas.

Instead of targeting the entire yard, they will look for specific areas which are infested with fleas. Notice the movement of the dogs; the areas they frequent will have maximum fleas. In case your neighbor has overgrown plants, it is time to cut the shrubs in your side. A clearing will have fewer chances of pest infestation.

Assuring a healthy future for your children

The best thing about eco-friendly lawn care products is that they do not pose a health threat to your children who are most vulnerable to hazardous chemicals. Eliminate the chemical usage and go for more natural and organic resources for kid-safe lawn services.

Exposure to harmful chemicals lead to impaired visibility, loss of memory, slow responses to stimuli and motor skills in children and adults. Why take a chance on the welfare of your loved ones with something hazardous and can cause permanent damage?

Keeping the lawns safe for your furry friends

Have you ever asked yourself how safe are your lawns for your furry friends? Most of our pets love the outdoors, but it has been proved that most toxins and chemicals enter their system through lawns. Every year, thousands of pets are accidentally poisoned from lawn care chemicals. Create a safe lawn for your furry friends without limiting their activities.

Ensuring a healthy world for our future generations

A good lawn care company will endorse earth-friendly lawn care practices. Their methods and products are completely safe for the environment. With organic lawn treatments, none of the beneficial earthworms and microbes which enrich your soil are killed. They are known to promote growth of plants and grass naturally.

Knowledge about the local climate and the topography

Lawn care professionals who choose earth-friendly lawn care practices for lawn maintenance are knowledgeable about the local climate and topography. They will tell you about choosing the right grass which grows best in the local environment. With organic lawn care, soil will not only retain moisture, they are bound to receive better aeration. You can easily find the difference in the texture of the soil, once they have treated the soil with bio-friendly products.

Suggestion of eco-friendly lawn care practices

Responsible lawn care service providers suggest eco-friendly methods like rainwater harvesting which reduce the consumption of water in lawn treatment drastically. They will take help of a push or a reel mower; their blades are sharp and can be easily sharpened for a clean cut without piling on energy bills. They will adjust the setting of the mower to 3 to 3 ½ inches high and cut the grass accordingly. As a result, the grass blades will have more surface area resulting in more sunshine and photosynthesis.

What can you do as a homeowner to better your landscaping and lawn care?

  • Be wise in your use of water in the lawns resorting mostly to rainwater. Use water conservation tools to store rainwater and water your lawns. Maintain the aesthetics of your lawn by choosing plants which require little or no irrigation or fertilization. In this way, you will conserve your water consumption for lawns.
  • When you mow the plant, use a mulching mower and if possible, put back the mulched leaves along with clippings back to the lawn. You need to feed when the grass is growing actively. Take help of organic fertilizers and soil amendment practices for weed control and see the growth of healthy grass.
  • When the lawn is wet, do not think about mowing. An uneven cut can hamper the growth of grass and lead to the growth of excessive weeds and dandelions. Be consistent in removing dandelions. Remove their flowers and leaves which will eventually starve the taproot.

A few weeds may not be harmful. But be careful about the seeds of the weeds. Half the battle will be won, if you can eliminate the number of weed seeds.

At the end, all will be taken care of if you have the right lawn care services who know exactly what to do for your lawns. They will have a customized plan which will fit your requirements. Go green and choose your lawn care professional who creates an earth-friendly lawn care plan for your gardens and lawns.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

Our services are guaranteed!

If you are not completely satisfied with an All American Turf Beauty application to your lawn, we will re-apply the application at no additional cost and continue the regular lawn treatment program. Alternately, we will fully refund your cost for the application and cancel any further obligation on your part.

To qualify for the guarantee, you must call All American Turf Beauty within 30 days of application.

Our goal at All American Turf Beauty, Inc. is a simple one:

To provide you with the highest quality products and methods available.

We offer every kind of service that it takes to develop and maintain a beautiful lawn in Iowa based on the climate, soil types, and the varieties of grass that are commonly grown here.

One of the keys to the success of the program is that we provide treatment to lawns approximately every 8 weeks throughout the growing season. This ensures that the grass has fertilizer (food) available throughout the growing season. Dandelions and other Broadleaf weeds are controlled as they germinate thus enabling a weed free lawn, and our Turf Specialist is at the property four to six times per season to address problems as and when they arise.

Another key to our service is our people. The most important person to you in our company is the Turf Specialist assigned to treat your lawn.

We are proud to say that our Turf Specialists are the best trained and most experienced in the lawn care industry.

When you become a customer at All American Turf Beauty, a Turf Specialist is assigned to your account. You will have the same person treating your lawn each time. It is their responsibility to service your lawn, make sure it is receiving the correct applications as scheduled, and to provide you with the best personalized service possible. Their jobs depend on it.

We have several programs to choose from. Your Turf Specialist will recommend the best program that fits the needs of your lawn and your budget.


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