The Best Method of Insect Control

insect control

The Best Method of Insect Control


Who would want to have pesky insects surrounding their beautiful home? Even more so, when they enter the home. Well, it is true that as you beautify your home, you also attract some unwanted visitors who also desire the pleasant environment you are enjoying. Insects may, in one way or another, weave their way into your lovely home through open windows, cracks, and holes. Fear less those that you can see. There are infestations that occur beyond what you can see. We know and understand that. So here, we zero in on one of the most popular methods against those unwanted bugs called insect control.

Insect control is a maintenance method that manages the insects outside of the home and prevents them from entering the home. There is an ocean of options if you ask Google about insect control. Here we have put together a number of recommendations you may find fit for your abode.

Prevention is always the key in insect control. Waging war against so small an opponent may sound easy, but not when they’re in great number. Battling an infestation can be very tasking and frustrating. Save yourself the time, cost, and agony by preventing insects to set foot (or wing) in your home.


Set a barrier. Apply a granular application of insecticide around the home. This would be somewhat effective, but would not control insects that crawl on the walls or the leaf surface of plant materials that surround your home. In order for insecticides to kill pests, they must come in contact with the product.


A preferred method is to apply liquid insecticide using a spray with adjuvant mixed in. This will help the product to adhere to the plant surfaces and the walls of the house where the insects are most likely to come in contact with the material.


When liquid pesticide is applied, the lawn and landscape is treated 6-10 feet out from the foundation of the house, and the house walls are also sprayed 3 feet up. These are areas where insects are most active and will find entry into your home.


Insect control can definitely be a daunting task, but when you know you have experts that are a phone call away, you can be assured you have helping hand and it’s not so daunting anymore.


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