Find a Better Way to Apply Spring Lawn Fertilizer in Cedar Rapids

Spring Lawn Fertilizer for Cedar Rapids Lawn

The pandemic has taught us that there’s no lockdown in nature. Spring has already made its way to our doors and we can almost feel the green surge. It’s the time when you should be ready for the first feed of fertilization. Spring lawn fertilizer application in Cedar Rapids becomes much easier when you have…

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Overseeding Lawn in Fall: A Great Way to Grow a Lush Lawn!

overseeding lawn in fall

Fall certainly has its own charm, with everything pumpkin-flavored, lots of earthy hues, and hoodie weather! This season also makes a great time for lawn care. Following a hot summer, the cool climate brings favorable growing conditions for grass on your lawn. In the fall, you can address the damage that took place during the summer, get ready for the rough winter…

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Overseeding comes with its pros and cons

overseeding your lawn

Overseeding: Yay or nay? Your grass can tell you best So spring is right at your doorstep. You most certainly do not want a balding lawn with those unwanted bare spots. It only makes sense to put all your effort on greening your lawn by overseeding, right? Well, not so fast. Let us take a…

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