Discovering Permalites: Transform Your Celebrations


Celebrate your special occasions in any color pattern you desire with Permalites® 365! Show off your style during Santa’s return at Christmas, Thanksgiving or America’s Independence through the unique lighting of your home. Permalites® 365 lets you relish family gatherings, holiday celebrations, special events, and enhances your home’s security!  Unravelling the Features: Why Permalites® 365…

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Are Permanent Christmas Lights Good for Your Home?

Amp up the look of your home with Permanent Christmas Lights. Most of us refer to our home as – Home Sweet Home. So, there is nothing wrong with improving the curb appeal of our homes. This can be done by changing the interiors and the exteriors. This festive season, there could be nothing better than revamping…

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Doing Permanent Holiday Lighting The Right Way

permanent lighting_1

Permanent Holiday Lighting installation is the solution you probably didn’t even know you needed. With all of the stress of the holidays building up, having to tackle strands and strands of tangled lighting is possibly not what you wish to be doing. And, luckily, you don’t have to!   “But hang on, isn’t Permanent Holiday…

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