Mid–Late Summer Lawn Care Tips for a Luscious & Healthy Lawn


During the hottest summer months, it’s important to maintain a consistent summer lawn care schedule. Giving your grass the proper care during these scorching temperatures will help ensure a beautifully healthy lawn until your yard goes dormant for the winter. This summer lawn care guide is designed with upper Midwest yards in mind. If you…

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Summer Lawn Care: How to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer

summer lawn care

Taking lawn care measures in the spring and fall is the key to a lush green summer lawn. Starting your summer lawn care early can help make your lawn resilient and resistant to the adverse effects of heavy foot traffic, pests, weeds, and the sun. If you’re in Ames, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, or any…

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Keep It Green when it’s Hot with Summer Fertilization

Summer Fertilization

A lush green lawn increases your home’s curb appeal immensely and makes a wonderful place to relax or play. So, don’t let the hot summer months dull your lawn and make it anything less than green and vibrant! To ensure that your lawn thrives all summer, you’ll need to give it some summer lawn care,…

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