6 Useful Tips from Experts in Grub Control and Prevention

grub control and prevention

  If you’ve noticed dead patches of grass in your lawns during late summer, you’re most likely facing grub infestation. The larvae of chafers, Japanese and June beetles are commonly called grubs. These C-shaped creatures thrive on organic matter like grassroots and damage your well-curated lawns. Our lawn care experts at Spencer offer some useful…

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Lawn fungus can cease to be a problem

See a smooth post-winter lawn transformation without lawn fungus What makes starting your lawn care calendar more challenging? No, it’s not the changing season nor is it the drastic rise and fall of the temperature. These are the natural forces of nature you are not meant to go against. Lawn fungus, however, is a universally…

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How Different Turf Pests Make Lawn Care in Iowa Difficult

Some turf pests are easy to control, while others make even basic lawn care in Iowa very difficult.   There are several domestic and invasive species which will attack your turf grass. Unfortunately, some are quite resilient to pesticides and chemicals.  For landscaping near Des Moines, companies like All American Turf Beauty use a variety of pest control techniques.…

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