Maintaining a Weed Free Lawn in Iowa: Expert Advice and Services


A beautiful, weed-free lawn enhances the curb appeal and enjoyment of your Iowa home. However, battling weeds can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. That’s where All American Turf Beauty comes in. With our expertise in lawn care and weed removal, we are your trusted partner in achieving a lush, weed-free lawn. In this blog,…

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9 Weed Control Tips for Your Lawn

dad playing whith child in lawn

Hot, dry weather can easily wreak havoc on a healthy lawn without the proper precautions and care. Simple mistakes — such as underwatering your lawn, mowing your grass too short, or not paying attention to weed control can transform a beautiful, healthy lawn into a patchy, lackluster yard.   Let’s face it, weeds are annoying,…

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Knock Out Weeds in the Fall! 4 Valuable Lawn Weed Control Tips

If you’re troubled by unwanted lawn weeds, fall is the ideal time to treat them. Whether your lawn has warm or cool-season grass, lawn weed control measures during the cooler days of autumn can pave the way for a lush and healthy lawn in spring. Applying herbicides in the late season strikes weeds when they…

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17 Natural & Homemade Weed Killer Types to Keep Away Weeds

Weed Killer

Lawns free from weeds are a dream for many. However, it’s not that easy to win over weeds. Chronic weed problems are usually addressed with synthetic herbicides. But if chemical weed killers are used unwisely, they can be harmful for turf, pets, and people. Unless the underlying problems weakening lawns and favoring weeds are identified, it might…

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Dandelion Facts: 11 Interesting Things About Dandelions

Dandelion Facts

Dandelion – the ubiquitous weed – is a flowering plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. There are several fun and interesting dandelion facts that shed light on different aspects of this plant.    Taraxacum officinale, dandelion’s botanical name, has been derived from some Greek words referring to the medicinal characteristics of this species. ‘Dandelion’, their common name, has been…

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