Lawn Care in Iowa Using EPA Certified Chemical Lawncare Products

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If you hire professionals for your lawn care in Iowa, you can expect beautiful gardens and plush turf grasses. However, we don’t always think of the deeper consequences of simple activities like weed control or pest control.

Chemical lawncare products like MCPP, MCPA, and pyrethroids are killing turf weeds and protect your expensive turf grasses.

Responsible Eco-conscious Lawn Care in Iowa

Landscaping companies from Des Moines like All American Turf Beauty must follow certain ecological rules. In the US, the EPA must approve any chemicals lawncare agents.

Also, the EPA sets quantity regulations for many of the weed and pest control chemicals that protect your turf grass.

Many moderately toxic chemical lawncare products are vital for proper lawn care. Iowa’s extreme weather is also responsible for some tough turf weeds and turf pests.

However, landscaping companies from Des Moines like All American Turf Beauty know the safe pest control and weed control agents. Landscapers always try to use these in the proper quantity.

They select EPA approved herbicides and pesticides which are effective for lawn care. Iowa state regulations also mandate that the land owner must post a warning before applying any chemical lawncare products. A responsible landscaper will inform their client of this rule.

Make sure that in your attempt to kill turf weeds, you don’t harm the environment. After all, what fun is a beautiful bed of turf grass when it isn’t safe for our children and pets?


Chemical Lawncare Products Commonly Used for Lawn Care in Iowa


The best landscaping companies from Des Moines have a long list of chemicals to protect your lawn. However, products that protect your turf grasses shouldn’t be harmful to your pets and children.

Turf pests and turf weeds are always close to your home. You can’t just use a chemical without checking its possible side effects. Also, certain chemicals may even kill off your turf grasses and garden plants!

However, by learning about the various chemical lawncare products used by professionals, you could avoid any accidental misuse.


Chemicals used to Control Turf Weeds


For weed control, experts of lawn care in Iowa use a wide range of chemicals. Turf weeds like Purslane and Dandelions can be extremely resilient to many milder chemical lawncare products.

However, by using a combination of different products, professionals can save your turf grasses. Some of these products are –


Trifluralin: This chemical lawncare agent is extremely effective for weed control. It is effective for controlling broadleaf weeds and crabgrasses. However, it can also eradicate turf grasses like Kikuyu or Bluegrass. Trifluralin can also kill off Chinch bug infestations.


Glyphosate: Sold across the US under brand name ‘Roundup’, this organophosphate is a potent broadleaf killer. However, most landscaping companies in Des Moines avoid using this weed control agent because it can depreciate the soil quality.


Dicamba: This is one of the safer chemical turf weed killers. It is easily available as a household product for regular lawn care. Iowa’s professional landscapers prefer used this broad spectrum weed control agent on lawns near residential properties.


Chemicals used to Control Turf Pests


Turf pests are considerably more difficult to manage than turf weeds. Pest control in Iowa is especially difficult because many of these critters have adapted to the harsh weather.

If you’re using any of chemicals for lawn care in Iowa, please be sure it is legal in the State. Thankfully, many herbicides used on turf grass also kill a lot of turf pests.

Some common chemical lawncare products used by landscaping companies in Des Moines include –


Neonicotinoid: A chemical agent like nicotine, Neonicotinoid is quite effective against turf pests. However, this pest control agent is very harmful to bees. It is safe to use on turf grasses. However, spraying this chemical on flowering plants is ecologically harmful.


Procymidone: Although cleared by the EPA for controlled usage against turf pests, this is vert toxic chemical. Lawncare professionals usually avoid using this pesticide near homes. Procymidone is mostly an agricultural pest control agent, and not for home lawns.


Icaridin: Professional landscapers often use this colorless and odorless chemical for lawn care in Iowa. It is an insect repellent that is quite effective against most turf pests like Chinch bugs and fleas. It is generally safe in limited quantities, and widely used.


Non-Chemical Methods used by Landscaping Companies near Des Moines


child safe lawn care
Organic Lawn Care is Safer for Your Children


Apart from EPA approved chemical lawncare products, there are certain alternatives. Only the best companies for lawn care in Iowa like All American Turf Beauty know these alternative methods.

Some of these pest control and weed control methods may not be as effective as chemicals. However, they are safer for the environment, and will rarely ever harm pets or children.


Organic Weed Control: Organic methods to eliminate turf weeds include hand-pulling and the use of certain safe chemical lawncare agents. Ingredients like Clove Oil, Xantham Gum, and Citric Acid are common ingredients for killing turf weeds. However, these weed control agents are usually slow acting compared to chemical herbicides.


Organic Pest Control: There are various organic methods to kill turf pests. One example is effectively killing Japanese Beetle grubs using the ‘Milky Spore’ bacteria. Other methods for organic pest control include natural insect repellents like concentrated peppermint extracts. Organic methods to control turf pests are considerably safer than chemical pesticides.


All American Turf Beauty is among the oldest and most trusted lawn care companies in Iowa. Let us help you decide the safest chemical lawncare products or organic lawn maintenance methods for your yards and gardens. Call us on 1-800-365-8873 and or book an appointment on our website.