18 Creative Christmas Light Decoration Ideas to Try Out

Christmas light decoration ideas in this year

With the holidays nearing with each passing day, you must have started planning for your celebrations. One of the integral elements of Christmas celebrations is, of course, lighting. If you are trying to come up with some interesting Christmas light decoration ideas for this festive season, we’re here to help you! 

Listed down are some selected creative ideas with Christmas lights. Read them and try applying them in your Christmas light decorations! 

Here you go… 

Christmas Light Decoration Ideas 

1. Hang Around a Mirror 


Add string lights around a vanity mirror or wall to get some extra light while you’re getting ready.  


2. Drape Over your Bed 


Make your bedroom more serene and cozy by draping string lights over your bed.  

decorate your bedroom this christmas

3. Flameless Fire Pit 


If a fireplace is not present in your home, consider creating an interesting faux fire pit. Place it in your living room to boost the charm of the space.  


4. Create an Inspirational Word 


Hang an inspirational word or a quote on a wall using Christmas lights and keep your spirits up. 


5. White Lights and Mirror Garland 


With the dreary skies of winter, it’s a good idea to light up your home’s interior with some sparkle and shimmer. On a hanging rod, string together several strands of mirror garland and Christmas lights for a glimmering decoration.  


6. Fairy Light Wall 


Have an empty, boring white wall? Give it some Christmas sparkle by hanging several fairy lights strings. Then, hang some family pictures from the strands.  


7. Fairy Light Jars 


This is one of the simplest Christmas light decoration ideas. Simply take a few mason jars and fill them with some string lights. Then, put them together on an entryway table or on a mantel. 

Fairy light jars to decorate your house in holiday

8. Garland of Dixie Cups 


Take a few colorful Dixie cups and fix them over a light strand. The result is a sweet, soft glow and a cozy ambiance! 


9. Framed Card Display 


As an alternative to showcasing Christmas cards on your mantel, use an empty frame for hanging string lights and then, clip some Christmas cards to the light strands with mini clothespins 


10. Christmas Trees of Tomato Cages 


Take the tomato cages out of your garden shed. Then, wrap some LED lights around the wires. One of the easiest Christmas light ideas, this creates glimmering Christmas trees.  


11. Creative Christmas Tree 


Don’t have enough space to accommodate a big Christmas tree? Or you just want to try a new, different kind of Christmas tree? Here’s an alternative version that’s easy yet charming! Simply attach a few twigs to a wall in a vertical, descending order. Then, add holiday lights along their edges. Alongside, you can decorate the display with holiday greenery, like frosted pinecones and pine needle sprigs.  

Make creative Christmas tree in your house

 12. Lighted Copper Wreaths 


One of the most simplistic Christmas lights on house ideas, this is about creating Christmas wreaths with copper coils. Create spheres out of copper coils by bending them and then, wrap them with matching firefly lights. Use copper wreaths of varied sizes to create a glowing, interesting display.  


13. Twine Spheres 


Instead of buying twine balls from craft stores, you can create them on your own using some balloons, Mod Podge, and twine. Once done, insert a light string inside to get a striking holiday decoration. 


14. Lighted Chandelier 


Use an adequate quantity of Christmas lights for wrapping the chandelier in your dining room to get a shiny holiday update.  


15. Hallway Twinkle Lights 


Lend a magical ambiance to your hallway with multiple Christmas light strands. Creating this display is one of the quickest Christmas lights decoration ideas, taking less than 15 minutes!  


16. Illuminated Burlap Garland 


For a rustic decoration this Christmas, spruce up your garland with the addition of some colorful burlap ribbons to a white light string.  


17. The Mirror Effect 


Place your Christmas lighting displays before a mirror. The result is an even brighter, interesting display.  


18. Mason Jar Display 


If you’re a fan of mason jars, you would love to have a front door decoration with mason jars. Simply take some mason jars, strings of white lights, burlap ribbon, and some grapevine wire. This decor would have a rustic charm.  


Try some of these creative Christmas light decoration ideas to take your holiday décor to the next level this year. Most of these Christmas light decorations are easy, quick, and cost-effective, yet can dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and give it the Christmas charm!  

Merry Christmas in advance!!