Commercial Holiday Lighting Installations Bring More People to Your Business

November 22, 2018

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Commercial holiday lighting is slightly different from holiday decorations for people’s houses. A business establishment typically opts for permanent lighting installation instead of putting up and taking down their seasonal decoration. This is because permanent outdoor lights are a necessary decorative element for any business establishment. 

These days, LED lighting installations are amazingly versatile. Not only do these setups chance colors and patterns, but they can also be controlled remotely via Wifi or Bluetooth. However, you need a professional lighting consultant to install such a complex electrical set-up. While home holiday decorations may also have these features, commercial installations are much more complex and intricate. 


Permanent Commercial Holiday Lighting Fixtures 

Commercial holiday lighting improves footfall into business establishments, especially during the holiday season. They improve the visual allure and give great public exposure to your business. However, holiday decoration businesses in the US get extremely busy when the season sets in!  

Permanent outdoor lights are a cost-effective and convenient solution for any business establishment. Even setting up and taking down a holiday lighting installation in your house takes a couple of days. Imagine the hassle of doing the same across a large business establishment! Hence, most business owners prefer a permanent solution for their outdoor lights and decoration. 

Business owners in Iowa look for professional landscape decoration consultants like All American Turf Beauty before the holiday season. As soon as it is October, all professional lighting installation companies in the US become extremely busy. 

But outdoor lighting installation for business establishments take more time than home installations. For commercial projects, the installer must set the writing through permanent conduits. These projects also take much more time than home decoration lights because they require a longer testing phase. Therefore, finding the right contractor in time is a very critical matter. 

It is much more convenient for everyone if you complete your holiday decorations by early October. However, the biggest contractors like All American Turf Beauty can manage even late season installations. With personnel across the State, they can install outdoor lights for clients as late as November! Although, it is very risky (and difficult) to set up commercial holiday lighting in the snow.  


Advice Before Buying Holiday Decorations: These days, designer lighting installations with automated control panels and the latest LED lamps are quite affordable. Make sure that your outdoor lights change colors and can be adjusted for different pattern effects. 


The Longevity of Commercial Holiday Lighting 

The best landscaping decor companies like All American Turf Beauty guarantee their outdoor light installations for years. Though smaller elements like an individual bulb, or a section of wiring will need to replacement occasionally. However, most of the lighting installation features should be intact for years!  

Holiday decorations for homes don’t have to stand the test of extreme weather throughout the year. They are usually set-up by Fall and come down by Spring. In Iowa, there is heavy snow in the winter. Hence, the home decoration wiring and lights need to be tough. However, businesses need to keep their outdoor lights working throughout the year.  

While putting up holiday decorations, many forget to check whether their fittings are fit for outdoor use. Commercial holiday lighting fixtures used in places like Iowa need to be completely ‘Weather-proof’. Your outdoor lights need to withstand extreme snow during winter and humid heat of the summer. However, many people still buy cheaper lighting installations that aren’t weather resistant.  


Some Features your Commercial Holiday Lighting Installation Should Include: 


Changing Colors 

LED bulbs will release different spectrums of light depending on the power input. This feature of LED technology is great for designing custom holiday decorations. When purchasing a permanent lighting installation, invest in high quality LED bulbs. Laminated LED bulbs in hardy weatherproof casing is necessary for any outdoor light arrangements. However, only branded bulbs carry any sort of weatherproof guarantees.  


Changing Patterns 

Since LED bulbs change light colors quickly, they can create beautiful holiday decoration patterns. The best commercial holiday lighting companies like All American Turf Beauty have designers to create these beautiful patterns. For a business establishment, such beautiful visual cues would mean attracting more customers. The better the lighting design, the more memorable your building is for a person. This helps make your business establishment a recognized landmark! 


Outdoor Lights Should Enhance Your Indoor Lighting 

If your business operates at night, like a club, your outdoor lights must complement your indoor lighting installation. If you have blue lights and lasers in your club, bright yellow lights outside would be a drastic contrast. Similarly, if you have a mellow mood lighting in your restaurant, your outdoor lights shouldn’t be too flashy and gaudy. Your commercial holiday lighting consultant should have plenty of suitable options to choose from. 


Your Lighting Installation Should be Low Maintenance 

Commercial lighting installations cost considerably more than holiday decorations brightening your home. However, this higher price should also come with distinct advantages. One of the most important features of branded outdoor lights is that they should be low-maintenance. However, contractors like All American Turf Beauty do a complete wiring checkup for their clients before the holiday season. This annual checkup and some minor repairs should be all the maintenance your lighting installation needs. 


All American Turf Beauty has been among the top commercial holiday lighting contractors in Iowa for nearly 50 years. Give your business establish a fresh new look this holiday season. Call us on  1-800-365-8873 or register a free consultation on our website now!

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