Considering Outdoor Lighting? All American Turf Beauty Has Your Solution

Outdoor Lighting

Over the years more and more of our customers have become interested in our architectural /landscape lighting service and our permanent lighting services for various reasons.

Reasons vary – Some people like to showcase the architectural features of their home, some like to light their patio and back yard area for tranquil resort like entertaining, and some light strictly for security purposes.

The one thing they all have in common is that they would all like the lighting to be done professionally with a tasteful look and design, and a professional, no hassle installation.

Nite Time Décor uses top quality components that come with a life time warranty. LED lamps are used to reduce energy cost, protect the environment and come with a 7 year warranty.

To get started, one of our lighting specialist will meet with you and design a lighting program that paints a portrait of your home and landscape with lights. Using all the latest products and lighting techniques we will highlight the focal points and architectural features of the home and frame it in selectively lighting features in the landscape.

We will work with each customer to fit the design to their needs and budget. Many clients will split it up and do the front of the house one year and add the back yard the following year. We are flexible to work with each customer to customize our lighting to what they want.

All American Turf Beauty ‘s newest product is a permanent lighting product that is designed to look like holiday lighting. Customers can change colors and display by the touch of their smartphone all the year round. The upfront cost is more than Christmas lighting, but the return on investment is about four years. This product comes with a 10 year warranty so you can see the savings.