These dreaded dandelions are not as welcome as the flowers in your spring garden for good reasons you must know.

Dandelions: friend or foe? They show up along with your spring flowers, but believe me, you don’t really want them there.

The spring rain in April and May bring the best blooms to your lawn, but not all that look like flowers are welcome. Dandelions grow on lawns along with the lovely flowers you wish to keep. Albeit they do not get the same warm welcome that flowers and shrubs do, they just continue to shamelessly grow. Certainly, having this certain type of flora in your greatly-treasured garden does not popularly count as an advantage.

In fairness to dandelions, they’ve earned respect in certain aspects because of some benefits their natural growth and existence may offer your lawn.

For one, they have roots that go wide and deep. This is something they’re completely hated for, but then, you have to give these roots some credit for being responsible for allowing deeply-embedded soil nutrients to surface for the benefit of plants whose roots do not go as deep.

In the same process, the taproots of dandelions also loosen hard-packed soil, making them softer and more fertile. There’s no denying how inconsistent and uncertain the even distribution of nourishment they offer as they can just grow anywhere. You cannot be sure which parts of your lawn they nourish and which parts are left raw. So, you can easily say your lawn is partially aerated in random spots by their roots. Well, let’s say you are giving them credit for these “partial” benefits. Let’s go back to why we loathe them.

Why do we hate dandelions?

Well, first of all, they are a sight for sore eyes! Don’t they just ruin the smooth uniformity of the turf you spend dollars to achieve? Second, they are perennial. Literally. They just keep coming back like zombies rising from the dead. Isn’t that just such a pain? Their nasty roots that break easily when you pull out dandelions can regenerate from the tiniest piece to double the size of what you’re trying to remove. This is how they survive winter and come back during spring and summer.

These two reasons alone paint a clear picture why dandelions are the bane of your existence. To top it all off, you just close your eyes, then the next moment, they have managed to spawn a major infestation on your beautiful lawn. If there is one thing that makes a lawn the beauty it is, it’s the even texture. It shows that the lawn is healthy and well cared for. Hence, there is no place for patches of dandelion blooms anywhere in your lawn.

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