Do’s and Don’ts of Removing Snow from Roofs – Roof Snow Removal

Roof Snow Removal

It is peak winter. It is snowing more heavily, and roads and sidewalks are covered in snow. There is snow in your driveway and on your porch. There is snow on your rooftop too. It is a good thing to leave two inches of snow on your roof. It will act as an insulant. Most rooftops are built to withstand some amount of snow. However, if you feel that you need to remove snow from your roof, here are some do’s and don’ts of roof snow removal you may want to keep in mind.

The weight of a cubic foot of dry snow is around seven pounds, and the weight of a cubic foot of wet snow is approximately 12 to 18 pounds. More than this could be dangerous for your house structurally. If you need to find out if there is excess snow on your roof, all you need to do is check your doors. If the doors inside your house get stuck, it means there is too much weight on the roof.

If you think simply getting any old roof rake to remove snow from the roof is good, you are much mistaken. It has to be the right kind of rake, made of the right material, so as not to harm your roof.


  1. A snow rake is ideal for removing snow from a pitched roof.
  2. Remove snow from the edge of the roof first and only then move in.
  3. Be wary of metal tools as they could conduct electricity if there are power lines nearby.
  4. Also, use plastic tools instead of metal ones as metal tools could damage the shingles and other parts of your roof.
  5. If you have a flat roof, simply shovel the snow off the sides, away from the house.
  6. Keep ventilation openings and drain spouts free of snow.
  7. If in doubt, contact a professional snow removal service to remove snow from your roof.


  1. It is best not to use a regular ladder if you want to climb up to remove snow from your roof. The rungs of these ladders usually gather ice.
  2. Do not use electronic devices to melt ice or snow from the roof.
  3. Do not use open flame tools to remove ice and snow from the roof.
  4. Do not get on the roof to remove snow unless absolutely necessary. It will add more weight to your roof.
  5. Do not put snow removal equipment on your roof. This will add more weight to your roof.
  6. Do not be offhand about removing icicles. These can cause injury even if they fall from a short height.

It is always good to remember that if you are not confident about removing snow from your roof, call a professional service that specializes in roof snow removal. They have the right equipment and the expertise for the job. For more information, contact All American Turf Beauty.