Fall is the best time for weed control


Fall is the best time of the year to control perennial Broadleaf weeds, according to Kevin Johnson, President of All American Turf Beauty, Inc. “Our successful experience with fall weed control has long been supported by Iowa State University extension research,” says Johnson. “University research has consistently led them to proclaim that Fall is the best time of the year to control perennial type weeds due to the natural growth cycle exhibited by weeds – something we have witnessed and experienced in our 40 years of service.” according to Johnson.

Although it is possible to achieve weed control throughout the course of the year, the easiest time of the year to control weeds occurs in the fall time period. In fall, perennial Broadleaf weeds are transporting food (carbohydrates) from their foliage to their roots in preparation for winter. Broadleaf herbicides applied in fall will be absorbed by the Broadleaf weed’s foliage and transported to the roots along with the carbohydrates, resulting in the destruction of the Broadleaf weeds. According to extension personnel and Johnson, difficult to control weeds that have not been successfully controlled earlier in the year often times can be controlled with a Fall application of Broadleaf weed control.

“If you have been struggling with controlling certain types of perennial weeds, (i.e. – ground ivy or violets) a Fall Broadleaf weed control application gives you the best chance of controlling these types of weeds – although it might not be 100% says Johnson and the extension experts. The best news is that you have all Fall to make these applications.
“I have often been asked ‘When is it too late to make an application of Broadleaf weed control?’” says Johnson. His personal experience has shown that you can achieve great weed control with applications of Broadleaf weed control up to the point in time that the ground freezes. According to Johnson, “You might not notice the results this Fall, but come next spring the weeds fail to appear and have been successfully controlled.”

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