Tis the season again. Spring is here. Get expert-tested tips and tricks for that green, grassy, lawn with a winning lawn care schedule

Get ahead with these foolproof lawn care schedule tips beginning spring

A barefoot-worthy yard does not just happen. As the winter season moves out to make way for spring, so should your calendar make room for your lawn care schedule before spring hits. With the change of the season comes the change of scenes from snow-capped rooftops and Christmas lights to that warm, moist, grassy growth around your yard.

What else could be better for your home than a nice, grassy lawn to welcome spring time with? There are ways to ascertain spring happens to your yard and believe it or not, they’re not that difficult!

Are you all set?

In all things, you get better results and smooth turnouts with proper preparation. This time of the year – early spring – is the best time to get ready for the lawn growing and mowing that is to come. Make the exit of snow the trigger for you to sharpen your mower blades.

Come the spring-to-summer grass-cutting season, this becomes imperative once a month if you want to do away with dull blades that tear the grass. Plus, a backup blade as early as now isn’t such a bad idea.

Ensure your mower is tuned up. Changing your spark plug and air filter yearly helps you keep tabs on when you last replaced it. Check out the cost at Walmart or any local hardware store.

Lastly, you know you’re all set for your spring lawn care schedule when you’ve restocked on fresh gas for your mower. The moisture that has accumulated in your gas over the winter can kill your engine.

Do a check up on your other lawn care equipment to be sure they’re on top shape before all the spring action begins.

Spring Cleaning Time

Take out those twigs and leaves that have accumulated throughout the winter. Clear the way for fertilizers and herbicides to prep your lawn for the grass to grow. This is a priority on your lawn care schedule, so make sure you do not miss out on this spring cleaning task. Check out the ten tips for spring lawn care, too, to help you get set for spring.

Let it Grow

Depending on the varied weather you get during spring, your grass is meant to start growing around this time, so be ready to trim. This is when fertilizing, lawn aeration, and herbicides become essential. Just a tip, do not mow when the grass is wet. Wet clippings can clog up your tuned up mower.

Remember that fertilizing begins in spring. It is crucial to begin applying fertilizer just as your grass is actively growing.

Aerate when your soil is damp but not soaking wet so the machine can work perfectly for its purpose.

Apply pre-emergent herbicides to prevent the growth of crabgrass and other weeds in your lawn.

Look out for those pests

Before they infiltrate your lawn, be on the lookout for lawn diseases and lawn insect damage. Prepare your prevention methods for probable lawn problems and pests. You absolutely need to diagnose the problem before you apply treatment. So, look for brown patches and be keen on identifying the presence or growth of pests such as chewed grass blades or loose grass. Administer proper treatment as needed. Prevention of lawn problems is one main reason why you are creating a lawn care schedule, so be ready with a strong lawn care defense.

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