Moss. They may look nice and sometimes even clean, but they are as bad as the weeds that rob your grass of their much needed nourishment

March 27, 2018

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The Green That’s Not Good

Not everything that’s green is good. Sure, green is the color of spring, but is the green in your lawn exactly what you think it is? Look closely. What you want is green grass, not green moss.

While moss in your lawn does not kill the grass, there are several factors that can, because of its growth on your lawn. So as early as now, it is not a bad idea to do a constant check to make sure it’s not moss signaling that there is some instability in the growth of your grass. 

How Did They Get There? 

You may wonder how your well-manicured turf can play home to these unwelcome greens. Well their existence is a good sign for you to try to discover what may be wrong in your soil or your lawn in general. You see, moss is a symptom and not the problem itself.

There are a number of environmental conditions that allow moss to thrive and spread. This prevents your grass – the green you want – from becoming established. So today, you might want to find out which factors are affecting your lawn, so you can take the necessary measures to correct the imbalances. 

How Can I Help My Lawn? 

As moss is a symptom, getting rid of it is just a band-aid approach to a problem that’s looming over your lawn. What does the presence of moss tell you about your lawn? The presence of moss is a sign that the current environment isn’t right for your grass. There are certain conditions that accelerate the growth of moss. 

One primary factor is the soil. Is your soil suited for your grass to grow in stability? A soil test kit can tell you this. One bit that you must know is that moss thrives in acidic soil. So, if the turnout of your soil test is lower than 6.0, there is a big chance that your problem is acidic soil. Acidic soil is not the only haven for moss. Lack of nutrients in the soil also increases the chances of moss growth in your lawn.

Apart from these, the presence of thatch, lack of sunlight and water, soil compaction, and any of these combinations screams welcome to moss in your lawn. Once you’ve identified what is causing the growth of moss in your lawn, then you can determine the right fix. 

Now Be Off With The Moss

If your soil is determined to be acidic, liming is the answer. It can raise the ph level in your soil. Moss control fertilizers can also help nourish your soil and control moss growth in your lawn. Remember that thatch can encourage the growth of moss, so thatch removal must always be a part of your lawn maintenance. Trim your shrubs and tree leaves so your lawn can enjoy equal amount of sunlight and water.

Aerate your lawn regularly as part of your lawn maintenance. Lawn aeration does not only bring its own benefits, but it also removes moss and compaction. 

Keep Them Away For Good

As soon as you have determined the environmental factors that are causing the moss to keep coming back, maintain the treatment. Then you will be rid of them for good.

For advice on lawn moss treatment and lawn moss killers, visit the best lawn care experts in Iowa, schedule a free consultation with All American Turf Beauty and learn more about the dynamics of your lawn from the experts.

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Guarantee of Satisfaction

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If you are not completely satisfied with an All American Turf Beauty application to your lawn, we will re-apply the application at no additional cost and continue the regular lawn treatment program. Alternately, we will fully refund your cost for the application and cancel any further obligation on your part.

To qualify for the guarantee, you must call All American Turf Beauty within 30 days of application.

Our goal at All American Turf Beauty, Inc. is a simple one:

To provide you with the highest quality products and methods available.

We offer every kind of service that it takes to develop and maintain a beautiful lawn in Iowa based on the climate, soil types, and the varieties of grass that are commonly grown here.

One of the keys to the success of the program is that we provide treatment to lawns approximately every 8 weeks throughout the growing season. This ensures that the grass has fertilizer (food) available throughout the growing season. Dandelions and other Broadleaf weeds are controlled as they germinate thus enabling a weed free lawn, and our Turf Specialist is at the property four to six times per season to address problems as and when they arise.

Another key to our service is our people. The most important person to you in our company is the Turf Specialist assigned to treat your lawn.

We are proud to say that our Turf Specialists are the best trained and most experienced in the lawn care industry.

When you become a customer at All American Turf Beauty, a Turf Specialist is assigned to your account. You will have the same person treating your lawn each time. It is their responsibility to service your lawn, make sure it is receiving the correct applications as scheduled, and to provide you with the best personalized service possible. Their jobs depend on it.

We have several programs to choose from. Your Turf Specialist will recommend the best program that fits the needs of your lawn and your budget.


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