Dandelions and crabgrass are not easy opponents. They don’t leave easily. But with the right treatment, they will. Find out how with expert tips from All American Turf Beauty

Get rid of dandelions and crabgrass fast

Oh, happy day. Spring is in full bloom and you are following your lawn care calendar perfectly to be all set for the seasons all year round. The only problem is you know full well that certain surprises may hit you when things are seemingly perfect.

There is nothing more annoying than crabgrass creeping up your well-tended turf. What a total eyesore it is, too, as dandelions emerge where your lovely shrubs and flowers are.

Don’t they just make you immediately forget that perfect exists? Not so fast. There are ways to eliminate those unwanted dandelions and crabgrass without causing damage to your lawn.

It is a known fact that these invasive weeds ruin the uniform appearance of a well-manicured lawn. In addition, once they’ve settled in your lawn, they become a nightmare to remove. What’s in crabgrass and dandelions that keep them coming back?

Let’s begin with crabgrass

These weeds are exceptional as they grow from seed that the mother plant produced in the previous summer. Although, the mother plant dies over the winter, the seeds it produces germinate and begin to grow. Sneaky, isn’t it? The question is how do you
sneak past it?

Well, that is where pre-emergent herbicides come in handy. Pre-emergent herbicides are highly specialized weed killers that target not the existing weeds. Instead, they are applied in early spring or autumn to keep weed seeds from germinating. That makes it perfect for crabgrass weeds left by the mother plant. Any seed that tries to sprout and push through the barrier that pre-emergent herbicides have defined are killed.

What about those nasty dandelions?

What makes dandelions so annoying is their ever-perennial growth. You dig them, they grow back and just keep popping up again. It makes you wonder if there is a secret to their multiple lives. Well, the secret is out. Dandelions have long roots that go deep. If you try to dig them and leave out part of the roots, it will send up a new weed to replace the one you thought was never to be seen again. Digging dandelions or pulling them out is definitely hit or miss.

Unlike crabgrass that are eliminated by pre-emergent herbicides, dandelions are perennials. You kill them as you see them. Apply weed and feed to damp lawn. This allows the chemical to go through the leaves of dandelions and be transported to all other parts including the roots. It only takes days for those nasty dandelions to curl up and wither. This time, they are indeed never to be seen again, roots and all.

Just remember not to apply this on a rainy day if you don’t want your weed killer to just be washed away by rain. Finally, one more thing to keep in mind is to feed your lawn regularly. Eliminating the weeds is always just 50% of the battle. Fortify your lawn against weeds by regular feeding, at least four times a year. Keep your grass length to 2.5 up to 3 inches tall after you mow to help keep the weeds away.

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