Get set for spring with all the essentials. You can never consider yourself prepared without fully functional yard and garden equipment in your tool shed

A great spring yard starts with good soil and fully powered yard and garden equipment

There has been so much talk about spring and getting your grass to grow. Then there’s soil aeration, application of herbicides, and maintenance with fertilizers. Whoa! That is just a lot for the start of one season. Although these inevitably call for so much time and attention, there is something else equally essential. Keep in mind that paying a lot of attention to your grass and plants and not so much on the tools you use to grow and maintain them will be to their own detriment.

Great garden tools are long term investments.

How do you take care of yard and garden equipment so they can return the favor in the long term?

Whether your tools of choice are hand tools, garden tools, or outdoor power equipment, it is always a good idea to keep them in supreme condition. Take a look at what you have. Determining what kind of tools, you have given you a better perspective of what maintenance methods to apply. Keep in mind that taking care of your yard and garden equipment is fundamental to growing your lawn.

Garden tools and hand tools are low maintenance tools. More often than not, all you need to do is wipe off the dirt with a rag or wash them with soap and water.

You must not forget to let them dry well after washing unless you want to breed rust. To prevent rust growth, a little spritz of WD40 should do the trick. Spread and wipe it with a rag to leave a protective film on the surface of your equipment. In cases where oiling may be necessary, linseed oil is the best choice.

Power tools for yard maintenance are a bit trickier to clean. Basic safety rules dictate to unplug the equipment before starting your maintenance. Cleaning and lubricating are two major maintenance methods for yard and garden equipment. Dust off the surfaces and lubricate the joints and movable parts.

When it comes to cleaning your garden equipment, the instruction manual that came with it is also your best friend. Motor oil may be a good option for lubrication. However, your equipment manufacturer may have a better idea.

Do not forget that outdoor equipment maintenance does not only mean cleaning just the equipment. Give your tool boxes, tool belts, and tool bags some care by emptying them every once in a while, for that routine clean up.

Tuned up outdoor equipment means you are all set for the seasons of lawn maintenance. Be able to grow grass in a lawn full of weeds. With the right yard and garden tools, your lawn will literally “spring into action”.

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