How Different Turf Pests Make Lawn Care in Iowa Difficult

October 26, 2018

In 1976 All American Turf Beauty was the first company in Iowa to offer programmed lawn care. The company founders literally invented and developed the industry in Iowa. Get a beautiful weed-free lawn with our professional lawn care services!

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Some turf pests are easy to control, while others make even basic lawn care in Iowa very difficult.  

There are several domestic and invasive species which will attack your turf grass. Unfortunately, some are quite resilient to pesticides and chemicals. 

For landscaping near Des Moines, companies like All American Turf Beauty use a variety of pest control techniques. However, if you use the wrong insecticides, you could be poisoning your yard! 

The most critical seasonal landscaping in the Midwest is your fall lawncare. This is the season when turf pests are most active. Eggs laid in summer have hatched, and your turf grass could be victim to several infestations during fall. However, professional landscapers will use several unique techniques to save your precious lawn from insect damage. 

The short fall season is a very critical time for growing beautiful lawns and gardens. Typically, people will get professional help for fall lawn care in Iowa. 


However, professional landscaping near Des Moines on large properties can be somewhat expensive. This is when some folk try experimental pest control on their own. Unfortunately, not all bugs react to pesticides the same way. 

Lawn pests are not only a problem during fall lawncare. Some of the insects will even survive till the next spring to breed. This is the vicious cycle that all landscapers must be wary of. 

Let us recognize a few of the worst lawn pests, and discover the best ways to tackle them – 


Common Problems of Lawn Care in Iowa 

While the Midwest has a harsh climate, there are plenty of natural grasslands. These vast fields make perfect breeding ground for turf pests like Japanese Beetles and Sod Webworms. 

These grasslands let turf pests breed and replenish their numbers easily. Soon, they invade urban areas like Des Moines where your expensive turf grass becomes food for their future generations. 

Top companies for landscaping near Des Moines like All American Turf Beauty can deal with these pests quickly and efficiently. They use several methods to achieve results. 

The right kind of turf grasses can deter pests and survive heavy infestations. Your landscapers may even suggest entirely changing your turf bed if the infestation is severe. 

Another effective pest control method for lawn care in Iowa is soil treatment. However, a full soil treatment process usually takes several months. Unfortunately, your yard will be devoid of turf grasses for the duration of treatment. 


Turf Pests That Make Landscaping near Des Moines Especially Difficult 


Sod Webworm  

Identification: The colour of these common turf pests range from between greenish to reddish brown. They are larvae of Crambus moths, which inhabit most of southern Canada and Northern parts of the US. These pests will most likely appear during the summer, or during your fall lawncare session. They are a native species in North America and do great damage to your turf grasses. 

Management: Chemicals are not the best option when it comes to dealing with Sod Webworms. Experts of lawn care in Iowa usually prefer using biological agents for these turf pests. Nosema along with parasitic nematodes like Steinernema carpocapsae are especially efficient options. The best method to save your turf grasses from Sod Webworms is organic pest control. 


Japanese Beetles (Grubs) 

Identification: Grubs of Japanese Beetles have invaded much of eastern USA. Grubs are white and bigger than the Sod Webworm, but considerably more difficult to find. You can find them while re-sodding before fall lawancare. They eat the roots of your turf grasses as larvae and destroy most plants as adult beetles. 

Management: The best way to deal with these grubs is by using the bacterium Paenibacillus popilliae. They cause a fatal disease called ‘Milky Spore Disease which easily destroy these turf pests. Professionals for lawn care in Iowa like All American Turf Beauty use home-safe chemicals like Trichlorfon. The insecticide Chlorantraniliprole is also quite effective against Japanese Beetle grubs. 


Chinch Bugs 

Identification: Almost anyone with a lawn in North America is aware of chinch bugs. They are small critters that feed on all varieties of grasses including wheat, barley, and turf grasses. Chinch bugs are especially troublesome during your fall lawncare. Adults are black with a distinctive white band, while nymphs are bright red. 

Management: Chinch bugs are the most difficult agricultural and turf pests in America. They destroy millions of tons of grains each year. Luckily, the heavy rains before your fall lawncare should kill most young chinch bugs. Moisture also helps reduce chinch bugs in lawns because of certain fungi which are fatal to these critters. 


Since lawn care in Iowa is tricky, you should call in professional help. When experts plan a project for landscaping near Des Moines; they always study the grounds first. This helps them prepare for the different turf pests and other challenges to come. 

Since fall lawncare is critical, make sure you call in experts like All American Turf Beauty. Don’t risk a severe infestation by leaving the larvae and grubs over winter. Remember, they’re feeding on your turf grass roots under the heavy snow. 


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