The Importance of Commercial Snow Removal for Safety

Commercial Snow Removal

Winter makes everything around look beautiful. However, the accumulation of snow needs to be taken care of. Snow removal is the need of the hour. It is important for homeowners and businesses alike. Commercial snow removal is done on a larger scale than snow removal for residences. Commercial properties have bigger parking lots and driveways. They also have larger areas from which to remove snow. Moreover, business owners have to worry about the safety of more people – their employees and customers.

Business owners have to be mindful foremost of safety and then of accessibility. Below, we have listed some of the reasons why snow removal on commercial properties is all the more essential.

Safety of Customers and Employees

Whether it be the sidewalk leading to your business, the pathway, the driveway, or the parking lot, you need to ensure that these areas are clear of snow and ice accumulation. Ice accumulation, especially, can lead to slip and fall accidents. The safety of your customers and employees is your responsibility. The entrances and ramps need to be inspected and so does the parking lot. Due to fluctuations in temperature, snow often melts and accumulates at the feet of the ramp and becomes treacherous water puddles. This freezes again and may cause accidents.

Sidewalks, shortcuts, and byways also need to be regularly inspected and cleared. Sometimes, snow removal companies pile up snow in places where the dumpsters are kept, or near the mailbox. They sometimes even dump snow on fire hydrants. Customers and employees need to use these things. They need to be clear of snow.

Roofs need to be clear of snow as well. Snow from rooftops often blow onto sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots, if there is a strong wind. Also, snow melt and refreeze can cause slippery surfaces. These are deceptive because snow is not visible. Along with ice melt procedures, it is desirable to light up the paths to and from your property adequately. De-icing should be done and weather mats should be installed as soon as ice and snow begin to accumulate.

The Right Equipment

Choose the right equipment for snow removal from your property. A shovel is almost always inadequate from any kind of snow removal on a commercial property. A plow and a truck are more the equipment for the job.

Salt and Ice Melt

Ice build-up, over a sustained period of time, in cold temperatures can create dangerous situations for customers and employees. It gets thicker, harder, and difficult to see. De-icing material should be used before this happens, at the appropriate time and in the right amount.

Liquid De-icers

Liquid de-icers are less expensive than salt. These also cause less damage to property than salt. The spraying is much more precise. However, liquid de-icers take longer to work and are therefore, used as solution for pre-treatment.


Salt works faster but is more damaging to property. But, it works faster which is why it is preferred to liquid de-icers.

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