Don’t Just Sit There; Start Your Lawn Care Schedule Now

Lawn care schedule throughout the year

There are many articles that will make you believe that you need to spend a lot of money and follow a complicated plan for having a lush lawn. At All American Turf Beauty, we tell you otherwise. We believe that lawn care never ends at basic maintenance; enhancing the curb appeal is equally important. So, here is a simple doable lawn care schedule that works wonders on your lawns.

#Resolution1: Control the weeds

A perpetual problem, weeds are your lawn’s worst enemy if left untreated. Only a lush green lawn can block them. We have one straight advice; make your turf healthy so that no weeds can invade them. Our timely applications will eliminate all existing weeds before they take away the nutrients from your lawn.

#Resolution2: Manage the pests in a natural way:

Lawn care maintenance is incomplete without pest management. As a homeowner, you must know about the different pests in the garden. You can start a sustainable practice and avoid toxic pesticides. Opt for an organic pest management program which will be safe for both kids and pets.

With the influx of the new Zika virus in the US, it is a must that you keep the mosquitoes away from your lawns. Suppress the pest population around your homes with our perimeter pest control program.

#Resolution3: Curb the crabgrass

When we propose lawn care and maintenance services to our clients, we always ensure that we suggest a good plan for crabgrass control. It has been proven that once crabgrass gets a chance to establish itself in lawns, it’s very difficult to control them.

They are best battled with pre-emergent herbicides which are normally applied before seeds start to germinate before spring. Crabgrass has a propensity to germinate in thin lawns. If your lawns are not irrigated properly or if the grass is mowed too short, it is exposed to crabgrass infestation.

#Resolution4: Responsible irrigation is needed

As part of our lawn care service, we inform you about the details of lawn irrigation. Our lawn care schedule includes the timely maintenance of your sprinklers so that they function properly. You may love to drench your lawn in water, but overwatering your grass is not good. Plus, it’s not very good for the environment as well.

Overwatering your lawns can lead to pest infestation, shallow roots and lawn diseases. The amount of water largely depends on the season. You need more water during summers compared to wintertime.

#Resolution5: Fill up the bare spots

Now that we are on point 5 of lawn care resolution 2020, it’s time to state the essential. Healthy turf is the best way to get rid of the disease, weeds and brown bare spots. Don’t forget to include aeration, fertilization, timely seeding, grub control as part of the lawn care schedule.

#Resolution6: Mowing your grass at the right height

Our AATB experts have many handy lawn care tips. One of them is to figure out the right mowing height for the grass. You cannot keep the grass too high or cripple its health by mowing it too short. As lawn care professionals in Des Moines, we tell you that the best height for grass is around 2 ½ inches. You can take ½ inch from the top in each mowing session.

Precise lawn mowing helps you in many ways: grass will grow consistently; you will have natural pest control and experience fewer weeds.

#Resolution7: Overseeding the lawn at the right moment

The process of spreading seed on thinning areas of turf is known as overseeding. You can do this before or after you spread the fertilizer. It helps in creating a lush and healthy lawn. Hiring an expert helps as most of them follow a proper lawn care schedule to determine the exact time for overseeding.

#Resolution8: Hire or DIY?

Hire or DIY; it’s a pertinent question for all homeowners. You can enjoy doing chores for your lawn, but it can be quite expensive. Having the equipment, choosing the right fertilizer and seeds can often prove to be too much. An easier alternative is hiring a professional who can take care of your lawn in Iowa.

Don’t forget to call us for a free consultation if you look for a verified lawn care program in Waterloo. There are other locations in Iowa, where we render our lawn care services. We have an affordable lawn care schedule which is tested and verified by homeowners for over two decades. Talk to us before you hire us.