Lawn Care Tips – White Grub Insect Control

White Grubs Insect Control Lawns in Iowa are often subject to severe damage from White Grubs (the larva stage of the Northern Masked chafer). So we at All American Turf Beauty will show you how to control damages from white grubs to keep your lawn pest free.

The adult Beetle is active at night laying its eggs in Iowa lawns early in the summer. As soon as the Grubs hatch, they begin feeding on the root system of the grass until colder weather drives them deep in the soil for winter.

When warm weather arrives in spring, the grubs will move up and feed on the roots again until they become mature and pupate from May through early June. Adult Northern masked Chafers can emerge from mid June – mid July, starting the life cycle all over again.

Damage – Heavy White Grub infestation can destroy Blue grass lawns by severing the grass roots and cutting off the plants access to water and nutrients causing the affected area to die out allowing the lawn to be rolled back like a carpet. Renovation to repair Grub damage can be costly.

Evidence of grub damage are typically visible during late summer and early fall (September-October). A good indication of grub infestation is the presence of Skunks, Raccoons, Moles, or large amounts of birds feeding in your lawn.  In most cases 5 – 10 grubs per square foot is the threshold used to determine if curative treatment is necessary.

White Grubs Insect Control Options:


  • Curative treatments – Curative treatments should be applied when grubs are present and actively feeding near the soil surface. This can be from mid August – mid October. This is the time frame when they can do the most damage.


  • Preventative treatments– The need for a preventative application can be determined by the history or previous experience of your lawn. If Grubs have been a problem in the past they likely will continue to be a problem if the proper conditions exist. Preventative Grub applications should be applied before the grubs have hatched to be effective (May-June). Preventative applications are the only way to ensure that grubs will not cause damage to the Lawn.


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