Everything you Need to Know about Lawn Mosquito Control

June 5, 2019

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They are not going to stop you from enjoying the outdoors this summer. They are not going to ruin your long dreamy summer evenings and backyard parties. Yes, we are talking about that ‘itchy’ feeling of a mosquito bite which appear almost magically with summer. Before summer springs in full swing, let us help you to be prepared for lawn mosquito control. 

Useful information for lawn mosquito control 

You must be extra cautious if you spend a lot of time outdoors. There are almost 200 species of mosquitoes which are found in different parts of United States. Your backyard mosquito not only transmit diseases which affect humans, even your pets are not safe. Be careful about mosquitoes as they can be the source of potentially dangerous diseases like West Nile virus and Zika.  

Ways to stop mosquito breeding for lawn mosquito control

Here are a few useful ways in which you can stop breeding of mosquitoes. 

Get rid of standing water:

Eliminating standing water is the first step towards mosquito control. It is a known fact that mosquitoes lay water in eggs, so any kind of stagnant water is the ideal breeding ground for the insects. Eggs will turn into adult mosquitoes in 8-10 days. Clear the water from bird baths, plant saucers and dog bowls regularly as mosquito eggs normally hatch within 2 days. 

Keep your yard clean

All the lawn treatment companies have one advice for homeowners. After the winter months, the gutters are normally jammed with debris. Clean the downspouts and gutters to ensure that they do not hold a pool of water to create the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Fix the door and window screens so that mosquitoes cannot enter your homes. Mow the lawn regularly, reduce the height of the grass to eliminate the possibility of mosquito breeding.  

Get rid of the unwanted junk

Old tires can be quite the culprit. They not only hold water but offer warm shelter for mosquitoes. If you do not want your home to be the ultimate breeding ground for mosquitoes, get rid of the junk items. After a rainstorm, check those small items which you thought were harmless, but store water. 

Treat the water for mosquitoes

If you cannot nab the problem at the source and get rid of water, then at least prevent it from being a mosquito colony. Go for a 30-day water treatment process preventing mosquitoes to breed. Apart from chemical treatment, you can also use liquid treatment which needs to be reapplied every other week. Sodium lauryl sulphate present in liquid treatments is also found in shampoos and soaps and is quite harmless. If you are looking for an organic solution, coffee ground can stop young mosquitoes from growing.  

Tie the tarps properly

While using a tarp to cover a speedboat, grill or firewood, make sure that the tarp is pulled tight. If it is not wrapped tightly, you may find pools of rainwater inside the folds. Remove the tarp to drain the water immediately to avoid mosquito multiplication.  

Natural ways for lawn mosquito control

If you are looking for natural ways to prevent mosquito breeding, then then there are some plants which act as natural mosquito repellants. It will not eradicate them completely but will decrease their numbers.  

Citronella grass or the oil produced from this plant is known for its mosquito-deterrent properties. But you will find this grass only in the warmer climates of the Southern statesBasil is an excellent herb and serves as a perfect add-on for your salads and pastas. But do you know that it is an amazing mosquito-repellent as well? As lemon balm is considered as invasive, you need to contain this plant within a specific region. You can also customize a bug spray with these ingredients for keeping the mosquitoes away from homes.  

You can add plants that repel mosquitoes in the lawns. Smell from plants like marigold, mint, floss and allium at times confuse mosquitoes and simply keep them away from your yards. Horsemint, a common plant in beach and coastal areas grows fast and is drought resistant. Suitable for sandy and dry soil, this can grow in salty conditions. 

Catnip is another plant which a good mosquito-repellent is. Good thing about these plants is that they can be planted in pots and can be easily moved from one place to the other.  

Go for a lawn treatment program

If the problem of mosquitoes persists even after eliminating standing water, you can try lawn treatment program in areas which are shadedcontain long grass and shrubs or have heavy foot traffic.  

Go for landscaping in areas which are already known to accumulate water. Identify the poorly drained areas in your lawn where you can add a layer of stones or cover them with topsoil.  

Did you know that mosquitoes are not good flyers and can be tossed from their path with the gentlest breeze? These delicate insects prefer humid days when air is heavy. Get rid of tall trees and shrubs with huge foliage which might block winds in your property.  

It is a known fact that mosquitoes grow well in poorly circulating or submerged water. If you already have a waterbed in your lawn, include a fountain, pump or filter to it, so that the water constantly moves. It becomes difficult for mosquito larvae to grow in moving water. 

Beware of diseases from mosquito bites

If essential precaution is not taken for lawn mosquito control, you can be exposed to serious diseases. Here is a list of harmful infections caused by mosquito bite. 

Malaria is one of the commonest diseases caused by mosquito bite. It not only infects but destroys red blood cells. Early diagnosis is crucial for malaria treatment. In case of West Nile virus, there will be no symptoms, but some may develop flu-like symptoms. Often the disease can turn serious and affect the nervous system.  

With a Zika virus, you may experience rashes, fever and joint pain. Although the symptoms will disappear after a week, a pregnant woman might develop congenital anomalies after a bite. The more life-threatening diseases are dengue, chikungunya and dengue. For yellow fever, patients experience inflammation in the spinal cord and brain. Joint pain, rash, headache and fever are common in chikungunya. 

Should you subscribe for lawn mosquito control service?

If you stay in an area which is known for severe mosquito infestation, you may need to subscribe to mosquito control service. The cost will vary depending on the area where you live and the size of your yard. Most residential services use insecticides which are registered with EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. Pyrethrin is normally derived from chrysanthemum flowers. However, you should be aware of pyrethroids made with synthetic chemicals but mimic the properties of pyrethrin.  

An inexpensive, but not an eco-friendly alternative is the mosquito trap or magnet. With this mechanism, you can control mosquitoes over an entire acre. The machine will burn propane and send out a stream of carbon dioxide which attract the mosquitoes. Once they come near, they will be sucked in the net.  

An afterword

Even when you have reduced the mosquito population in your lawn, be careful and protect yourself. Keep a mosquito repellent handy. Wear shirts with long sleeves to avoid mosquito bites. In case you are reacting to a mosquito bite or experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, consult a doctor immediately. Always seek professional help if the whole family is inflicted with mosquito bites. Most of them will inspect the property and target the source where mosquito infestation is the most.

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