6 Facts about the Lawn Watering Schedule. You Can’t Miss Number 3

May 14, 2020

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lawn watering schedule in summer

Come summer and all you want is to walk on a lush lawn and enjoy a cool summer breeze! Sounds like a dream come true, provided your lawn has the perfect grass bed. But that can’t happen unless you follow a lawn care routine, especially a lawn watering schedule for the warm months!

Watering your lawn seems like a simple task. But, for many of us, when and how to water can be confusing! Here are our 6 facts on watering the lawn in summer for growing a resilient turf with a strong root system.

How healthy is your lawn?

Yes, that’s a question you should be asking before you start a summer routine, especially if you had a rough winter. If the grass looks dull green or appears to have a grayish cast, it’s telling you that it needs water. It’s time to follow the recommended watering schedule by the turf specialists.

Walk on the lawn

Best time of the day to water lawn

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of calls from our friends in the Quad Cities (areas in Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, and Moline) asking about summer water regime. Questions were asked about when and how to water the lawns.

We recommend watering your lawns in the early morning, preferably between 4 and 10 am. Evaporation happens less during cooler temperatures.

Early morning watering schedule

If you miss the mornings, your next best time is in the late afternoon. Don’t wait till night for watering your lawns in the summer. Lawns that are kept wet overnight often become a breeding ground for fungus.

Overwatering the lawns or less water?

How often should you water lawns in summer? It’s summer and they’re worried that all that heat will make the grass dry. They ask us if a daily 15-minute water routine is enough.

You’ll actually be overwatering your lawns if you water your turf every day. Grass needs about an inch of water every day to survive. You can easily span out your lawn watering schedule to every 3 to 7 days. If the days become hotter, you can extend your lawn watering schedule.

This routine also depends on the soil type of your turf.

  • For clay soils, watering once a week is enough
  • For sandy soils, watering three times a week is sufficient

Know your lawn soil

How do you know if the grass has got enough water?

Here are 3 ways to tell if your lawn watering schedule is working:

  • During your first watering, check the soil every 15 minutes to find out how long it takes for the soil to get soaked. Do the screwdriver test as discussed before! Note the time; that’s how long it’ll take in the future for the soil to absorb water.
  • Place clean empty tuna cans around the lawn and see how much time your lawn sprinkler takes to fill each can with an inch of water. The time will vary, so just calculate the average time. That’s about how long you should water your lawn.

Use an oscillating sprinkler

  • Those with a sprinkler system can find out the flow rate from the manufacturer. To fill up each square foot of the lawn with an inch of water, you’ll need 0.62 gallons.
    Do some math; multiply 0.62 with the total square foot of your lawn. Divide the number by the flow rate. You will get a rough estimate of the time you need to run the sprinkler.

Make a good choice on sprinklers

Ground sprinklers with pop up heads are the best for watering your lawns. There’s a timer which runs the sprinkler at preset times and delivers precise amounts of water.

If you don’t have a ground irrigation system, use a revolving or pulsating sprinkler attached to a garden hose. The pulsating sprinklers spread water horizontally at a higher velocity. It’s not susceptible to strong winds and evaporation as the oscillating type is.

Types of sprinkler

Know your grass before watering the lawns

If it’s a newly seeded lawn, the key is to keep the top inch of the soil constantly moist. You can’t just rely on Mother Nature alone; you need to do your bit with a proper irrigation system.

  • Warm-season grass requires less water than cool-season grass. Grasses like St. Augustine, zoysia, centipede, and Bermuda have deep root systems, which help them survive in drought conditions. Both temperature and soil type determine the amount of water required for warm-season grass.
  • Cool-season grass like fescue has good drought tolerance. It develops a deep root system to absorb moisture from the soil.


As we come to the end of this post, you now have a manual for watering the lawns in summer. As lawn care experts in Quad Cities (Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline), we can sum up these practices in one line “water deeply and less frequently”. You’ll quickly realize that many of your grass problems have been solved.

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If you are not completely satisfied with an All American Turf Beauty application to your lawn, we will re-apply the application at no additional cost and continue the regular lawn treatment program. Alternately, we will fully refund your cost for the application and cancel any further obligation on your part.

To qualify for the guarantee, you must call All American Turf Beauty within 30 days of application.

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We offer every kind of service that it takes to develop and maintain a beautiful lawn in Iowa based on the climate, soil types, and the varieties of grass that are commonly grown here.

One of the keys to the success of the program is that we provide treatment to lawns approximately every 8 weeks throughout the growing season. This ensures that the grass has fertilizer (food) available throughout the growing season. Dandelions and other Broadleaf weeds are controlled as they germinate thus enabling a weed free lawn, and our Turf Specialist is at the property four to six times per season to address problems as and when they arise.

Another key to our service is our people. The most important person to you in our company is the Turf Specialist assigned to treat your lawn.

We are proud to say that our Turf Specialists are the best trained and most experienced in the lawn care industry.

When you become a customer at All American Turf Beauty, a Turf Specialist is assigned to your account. You will have the same person treating your lawn each time. It is their responsibility to service your lawn, make sure it is receiving the correct applications as scheduled, and to provide you with the best personalized service possible. Their jobs depend on it.

We have several programs to choose from. Your Turf Specialist will recommend the best program that fits the needs of your lawn and your budget.


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