Light Up This Christmas

christmas light installation

Christmas is around the corner. All households are gearing up for the festival of lights. Most people have their decorations and lights up already. If you haven’t had the time to put up your Christmas lights up yet, now is the time. If you want your home to look picture perfect during Christmas, it is time you got in touch with the professionals for Christmas Light installation.

If you are reading this now, winter is well on its way. It may not be possible for you to go out and install Christmas lights, especially on the roof. Even if you do manage to install the lights, there is no guarantee that the results will be what you had expected. Our Christmas Décor professionals will take care of Christmas light installation. We have a full package that includes start-to-finish service. We take care of installation, maintenance, take down, and storage. Our technicians will first impose lights on a picture of your home and you will be able to choose the look you want for it. Then begins the real work. The technicians will come to your home with the decorations and the lights. Our professional-grade lighting and décor accessories are sure to impress you. A plan will be chalked out with your approval and then we begin installing the lights and making them functional.

The clips and fasteners used in installing decorations and lights are non-intrusive and do not damage your property. Once the lights and the décor are installed, the overall picture is sleek. Digital timers will operate the display, so that even when you are not home, the lights come on and go off at appointed times. Our outdoor lighting experts will inspect all the installations, see if everything is safe, and then leave your property. After this, if you notice a light bulb that is burnt-out or something about the décor that is not right, call our technicians and they will come to your property and take care of it.

You may also choose LED bulbs for your Christmas lighting instead of the traditional, incandescent ones. This will ensure that you do your bit for the environment while decorating your property. More and more of our customers are turning to LED bulbs for their holiday lighting. The ‘light emitting diodes’, that the bulbs derive their name from, use much less energy. Also, they do not go out and take a whole string of lights with them. These LED bulbs use 70 percent less energy than the incandescent ones and are brighter. These are also a safer option because they are cooler than the incandescent bulbs.

Last but not least, it is safer for homeowners and business owners to turn Christmas lighting over to professionals. There are many injuries that can happen while putting up Christmas lights. Homeowners and business owners are inexperienced and can have falls from ladders or sprains from tripping over electrical wires. Getting electrocuted while handling electric wires could also be a serious issue. To avoid these injuries, it is best to let professionals handle Christmas lighting.

We, at Christmas Décor by All American Turf Beauty will take care of all your Christmas décor and Christmas light installation needs. Call us for a consultation or to fix an appointment today.