7 Trends You May Have Missed About Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Best outdoor lighting ideas for decoration

The fun doesn’t have to end just because the sun goes down and it’s dark out now, call AATB to fulfill all your outdoor lighting requirements today! Remember, it is not just about hanging your lights on the wall in the garden. Your outdoor lighting ideas should be the right mix of creativity with dose of functionality. With AATB, you won’t just light up your gardens and lawns to see, you’ll light up your house in style! 

Party on the patio 

Patios are probably one of the most popular places to continue a party once the night begins. Take help from outdoor landscape lighting to illuminate it. You may not be able to bring the moon into your yard, but you can get pretty close with AATB’s tree-mounted lights. Bathe it with mellowed softness and amp up the party mood with hanging patio lights. Take help of low-voltage outdoor lighting to create a beautiful space in your lawn.  

Happy glow in the lawn 

Show off your lawn in style with custom lighting solutions from AATB. Night Time Décor by All American Turf Beauty is known to provide unique lighting solutions for your homes. You can have a design consultation and a property demo. Once you approve the ‘lighted portrait’ of your home, lighting professionals in AATB will include your suggestions in the design.  

You will find your home to be a totally different experience once the design is finalized and landscape lighting is installed. No need to be afraid of the dark anymore. The night is young, so why not enjoy a stroll through your carefully crafted masterpiece? 

A fetching façade with architectural lighting 

Highlight some of the best features of your home with architectural lighting. Choose upward-facing bullet outdoor LED lights and install them a foot away from the foundation. It will not only focus on the most appealing features of your home but will show off your homes differently. Highlight areas like dormers, deep eaves or porch columns. 

Design a beautiful backyard 

Why should you restrict your outdoor accent lighting to the front of the house? Often neglected, but with immense potential to look beautiful, backyards should definitely have a touch of garden lighting. Go for tree-mounted downlights with up lighting which show off the larger trees. Choose hanging lights for the swing. Your backyard looks inviting and seems perfect for an evening rendezvous. 

Attract customers with commercial landscape lighting 

Never limit your outdoor lighting ideas to your homes. If you have a business, give an extra edge to your commercial properties with a beautiful lighting system. It is a brilliant idea for businesses which close late at night. Your business can easily turn into a favorite hanging spot for late night shoppers and people who love a cozy ambience to enjoy leisure time.  

A porch that spells elegance 

Are you one of those who fumble for your key and then at your lock every time you are out during nights? Time to add the safety shield without compromising on the beauty of the porch. Create a warm and inviting feel to your porch with pendant lighting. Whether you choose an impeccably contemporary or traditionally classic lighting solution, your home will greet you in style every time! 

Are you ready to soak in the Holiday spirit?  

Enjoy a spectacular display which is bright and cheery and does not create a hole in the pocket with AATB ‘s efficient lighting system. All American Turf Beauty has come up with a unique custom lighting solution. With this system, there will be a one-time permanent installation. No need to take down the lights after Christmas or New Year. 

The best thing about this lighting solution is that it has a cloud-based control solution. You can change the lights of the colors from any smartphone, tablet and web browser literally from anywhere.  

This sophisticated product takes exterior lighting to a whole new level. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is a sustainable solution as the LED lights consume 87% less electricity. With a 7-year warranty, you are assured of brightening your outdoors for every occasion.  

Create an edge to your business with Holiday lighting 

Did you know that holiday décor can drastically improve your business? Everyone loves a warm and comfortable ambience during Holidays. With attractive decorations, your employees are in a joyous mood as they love to work in a merry ambience. If you are in retail, nothing boosts the morale of your customers better than a well-lit place which spells happiness. 

Time to bring in the AATB experts who will go the extra length to make your properties Instagram-worthy!