Choosing the Best Professional Snow Removal Companies in Iowa

November 22, 2018

In 1976 All American Turf Beauty was the first company in Iowa to offer programmed lawn care. The company founders literally invented and developed the industry in Iowa. Get a beautiful weed-free lawn with our professional lawn care services!

Professional snow removal is very different from paying a neighborhood kid a few bucks to shovel your driveway. Iowa receives an average of about 30 inches of snow each year. However, in northern cities like Fort Dodge and Cedar Falls, these figures might be much higher! Therefore, you will need the help of expert snow removal companies to keep your property snow-free. 

However, only a few landscaping companies in Iowa provide snow removal services. In most cities, people hire a neighborhood handyman for a snow-free driveway and roof. 

Unfortunately, this is usually insufficient for larger properties due to the sheer volume of snow. 

Iowa sees heavy snowfall throughout winter, and sometimes right up to April! Snowfall averages between 8-10 inches in January and 1-0.5 inches in April. You will need professional snow removal at least twice a month from November onwards. However, owners with large properties need snow removal companies having the right equipment and necessary experience. 

Only the best landscaping companies in Iowa can keep a property snow-free in such extreme weather! 


Professional Snow Removal Equipment and Methods 

These days, snow removal companies have a host of modern vehicles and equipment for removing snow. Large scale snow removal was quite tedious before such equipment was available. 

However, you also need strategy and planning before removing snow from your property. If you’re not ready for the job, you might get stuck, or pile the discarded snow in the wrong place! These are common mistakes people make when trying to get a snow-free driveway or roof. 

Since professional snow removal means hiring an experienced landscaping professional, you would expect it to be quite safe. However, there are innumerable risks when you’re trying to clean a massive pile of snow on your roof. Slippery driveways are also quite dangerous, especially if there is ice build-up. 


Using the Right Equipment or Method 

Part of professional snow removal is determining the most effective solution for your specific requirement. If you simply need a short driveway cleared out, some salt and shoveling would be enough. However, a large property with many walkways and driveways require special equipment.  

Clearing the snow piling up on your roof is also a very difficult job few professionals can manage properly. These days, leading landscaping companies use a host of new organic de-icing agents which are quite effective. Also, professionals use stakes to mark the perimeter to determine how much snow must be removed and from where. 


Getting Rid of Excess Snow 

Another key factor in the act of keeping your premises snow-free is disposing the snow responsibly. You can’t shovel it onto your lawn or garden patch. Neither can you shovel it onto a public pathway or footpath. In fact, some city regulations may hold you responsible for the damage caused by snow you have displaced.  

Therefore, the best snow removal companies will dispose of the snow they have cleared from your premises. Depending on the volume of excess snow, landscaping companies take it to a designated disposal site far from residential areas. 



Keeping your roof snow-free during Iowa’s winter season is literally impossible. But when it builds up too far, it can slide down in huge heaps. Hence, roof snow can be quite dangerous since they literally bury people or cars when they fall. However, there are very few professional snow removal companies who will attend to emergency calls. Only the best landscaping companies like All American Turf Beauty will rush to your aid. They even monitor local weather channels to be ready for days with exceptionally heavy snow! 



Safety Practices During Professional Snow Removal 

Much of the safety practices one must follow during snow removal come down to a matter of common sense. However, professional snow removal companies like All American Turf Beauty also provide additional training to their personnel. 

This training not only prepares the landscaper, but also ensures safety for other people around the job site. However, it’s difficult to find trained people from local landscaping companies for professional snow removal services. Only companies like All American Turf Beauty maintain the same charges across the winter season. 

But a snow-free driveway or roof during winter in Iowa is quite an achievement. Removing such massive quantities of snow can be dangerous for the untrained or unprepared! Make sure you hire expert landscaping companies like All American Turf Beauty to enjoy a snow-free free property without risks. 


Safety Precautions Before Professional Snow Removal 

Snow removal companies use several safety precautions on the job. Firstly, the landscaper will wear appropriate spiked shoes while walking on the iced-up pathways. Secondly, they know the correct techniques for physically shoveling snow in the right way. Also, they take a lot of hours of training with the machines and equipment used to keep your property snow-free. 


Some Dangers of Deep Snow 

Landscaping companies from Iowa are all too familiar with the dangers of a deep layer of snow. You could slip, pass out, and end up getting frost bite within minutes! Also, you can’t see potholes or open manholes in the deep snow. Therefore, professional snow removal companies will carefully stake out the areas they are working on. The stakes mark the boundaries of lawns or hedges, while also revealing the actual depth of snow near the stake. 


Don’t trouble yourself with snow removal chores this winter. All American Turf Beauty is among the best professional snow removal companies in Iowa. Call 1-800-365-8873 immediately for a snow-free property throughout the long winter season. 

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