Purslane Control by Professional Landscaping Companies in Des Moines

October 9, 2018

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Purslane control is so difficult because it grows anywhere

Effective Purslane control is an extremely difficult task, even for the best landscaping companies in Des Moines. Even folks who are expert lawncare professionals have a tough time with this plant 

Purslane sucks away all the soil nutrients that feed your precious turf grass. Fast growth and rapid reproduction are also notable qualities of this weed. Control may be difficult; but knowing the plant better will help you save your turf grass. 

Purslane is very hardy and can easily adapt to different climatic conditions. This makes the plant a true menace during lawn care. Iowa’s humid summers helps the plant flourish. Hence, late summer is the best time to start Purslane control. 


Purslane According to Landscaping Companies from Des Moines 

Though there are several tough weeds that make lawn care in Iowa difficult, Purslane is different. 

It contains more Omega-3 Fatty Acids than any other vegetable. It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, Iron, and Magnesium. 

Purslane control and super food

Purslane May Be a Weed, but it is One of the Most Nutritious Plants We Know!


Thus, before complete eradication and Purslane control, save the younger plants. However, expert lawncare practices suggest re-planting them in pots far from your turf grass.  

This guarantees long-term weed control, while also providing you a personal supply of a super-food. 

However, expert lawncare professionals like All American Turf Beauty also have other weed control measures for efficient Purslane control. 


Purslane Control for Better Lawn Care in Iowa 

Since all turf grasses require an adequate amount of moisture and nutrient rich soils; Purslane control is important. This plant grows much faster than your Kentucky Bluegrass or Ryegrass. 

When Purslane starts growing on your lawn or garden patch, you need to start weed control immediately. However, a few survival adaptations of this plant make Purslane control almost impossible without professional help. 

It is also best to seek expert lawncare help immediately. Even professionals find it difficult to save lawns from a bad Purslane infestation.  

The best landscaping companies near Des Moines like All American Turf Beauty will identify these primary problems with Purslane – 


(a) It Increases Soil Moisture Levels. 

Purslane control is so difficult because its roots go deep while also spreading densely across large surface areas. They also create a humid microclimate by stabilizing the moisture levels on the top soil. 

However, this is not good for all varieties of turf grasses. While your turf bed requires adequate moisture; too much of it could rot the roots. This is especially common during the humid Iowan summer. 


(b) A Single Plant Can Produce up to 200,000 Seeds! 

Purslane control is especially difficult because of its rapid reproduction rate. Expert lawncare professionals who regularly do lawn care in Iowa are quite familiar with this. 

The seeds are tiny black pips that grow inside roundish green pods after the plant flowers. Landscaping companies near Des Moines must be especially careful, since Purslane flowers perennially. If you see any Purslane flowers in your garden or yard, start weed control immediately. 


(c) Purslane can Do Vegetative Reproduction. 

Not only does Purslane produce massive amounts of seeds throughout the year, it can also reproduce without them! 

Never hoe or use a weed-whacker on Purslane plants. Each piece of stem is capable of vegetative reproduction. Before long, a single cluster of weeds among your turf grasses will become an army of Purslane saplings. This situation would be a weed control nightmare. 


How Landscaping Companies near Des Moines Carry Out Purslane Control 

For proper lawn care in Iowa, professional landscapers suggest a minimum 2-season routine. One that starts at the end of February, and the other by the beginning of August. 

These are two critical seasons to ensure weed control measures. The de-weeding and soil preparation processes are different for both seasons. However, the 2-season timing is very critical for a bed of healthy and lush turf grasses. 

Landscaping companies from Des Moines like All American Turf Beauty follow a 3-step Purslane control program for each season – 


1) Hand Weeding: The safest, and most effective way for weed control for Purslane is hand weeding. However, hand weeding is one of the most difficult procedures in professional lawn care. 

Iowa’s best landscapers will spend several days physically removing each plant. Landscaping companies in Des Moines usually start removing visible Purslane saplings in August to ensure complete weed control. 


2) Lawn Cleaning: If you have mowed over Purslane by mistake, you need to start cleaning your turf grass bed immediately. Professional lawncare companies from Des Moines will always clear all visible Purslane plants before mowing. 

Expert lawncare practices suggest using a powerful leaf-blower or vacuum cleaner for Purslane control immediately after mowing. However, there is sure-shot way to go about this. The remaining bits of stem within your turf grass will begin to grow soon. 


3) Chemical Control and Mulch: Every expert lawncare professional knows that there are several chemicals for weed control. However, there aren’t any specific chemicals for effective Purslane control. 

Experts of lawn care from Iowa often use non-selective herbicides. An organic option is vinegar, but it doesn’t work too well. However, a thick layer of mulch (up to 3 inches deep) can effectively kill off young Purslane saplings. 


Purslane control requires experience and expertise. All American Turf Beauty can help you with the toughest weeds and the most difficult lawn care situations. Call us now on 1-800-365-8873 or Visit our Website.

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