6 Signs that your Lawn Needs a Better Lawn Irrigation System

review6 Signs that your Lawn Needs a Better Lawn Irrigation System

Who doesn’t love a piece of lush green in their homes which can create a soothing refreshing touch? With an efficient lawn irrigation system, you can not only save water, but your lawns will be vibrant all through the year. Although most homeowners avail lawn treatment services to repair any damage to their lawns during early fall and late summer, your grass will need a proper lawn irrigation system during the months with lower temperatures. If you notice these 5 signs in your lawns, you need a better water irrigation system. 

Conduct a pull test

Do the grasses in the lawn come out when they are pulled? Insufficient water and lack of lawn aeration can weaken the roots of plants and grass leading to brown patches in your yard. If your lawn experiences heavy foot traffic, you might need lawn aeration. It is one of the best ways to break the soil so that roots can get fresh water, oxygen and essential nutrients. Brown patches of green can also happen due to a grub problem which eat the grass and leave the brown stalks in the soil. 

Notice the brown patches on lawns

You will hate to see irregular brown patches on your lawn. These are the early signs of drought stress. If the patches are concentrated in one single area where your pets may frequent, the cause may be slightly different. But if your lawn is full of brown patches, you might consider a proper irrigation system because your lawn is probably not getting enough water. 

Have you checked the pH balance of your soil lately? Probable reasons behind brown spots might be an unbalanced soil pH, any type of toxic element or just an obstruction under the surface. You can bring in the lawn and landscaping experts who can assess the quality of your soil and offer you the right suggestion.  

Go for a puncture test

Take a butter knife or a screwdriver and just insert the blade inside both brown and green patches. You may notice that the green areas yield easily while it may be difficult to insert the blade in a brown patch. This is a sign that your lawn has lots of dry soil. You need to check both the issues. Often we realize late, but the ground becomes bone-dry a few inches down and needs to be watered for longer periods so that water can penetrate deep. 

Also known as ‘hydrophobic soil’, dry soil can lose its important organic ingredients due to dry weather or lack of enough water. Try using compost and mulch; these natural ingredients will help the soil to retain its moisture 

Does your lawn show your footprints?

One of the easiest ways to find out if your lawn lacks water is to see if the grass bounces back after you have walked over them. When you walk on a healthy lawn, you will never leave your impressions on the grass. It is natural for the grass to spring back without a trace of the footprint. Visible footprints are a sign that your lawn needs a better lawn irrigation system. Foot impressions or marks on grass equals to an unhealthy lawn. 

Check your plants

How do you know that your plants are underwatered? In case of underwatered plants, you will notice that the leaves are not limp but crisp. Most plants have pores which are known as stoma which close if they do not have water. Lack of evaporation in stomas results in wilting. Notice your plants, they are the best indicators to tell you if you need a yard service. Any expert in lawn care & landscaping will also check soil moisture in order to find out the exact cause of wilting.  

Notice the growth of your plants

Have you checked the growth of your plants? If you notice a slowdown, it is one of the signs that they lack enough water. A temporary decrease in water can lead to a stunted growth for the time being. But if the problem persists, then you should measure the water that is being used for your lawns. Maybe it is time to install a smart lawn irrigation system which will give your lawn a lovely fresh look. 

Hire a lawn and landscaping expert who will not only help you in spring lawn care but will install an effective lawn irrigation system which will nourish your lawn throughout the year! Contact us and we will tell you ways to improve your lawn health.