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December 26, 2019

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Snow Removal Tips
Winter in Midwest states will inevitably bring snow. Iowa is no exception. The condition becomes critical after a snowstorm. Snow removal Iowa City can be pretty difficult, especially if you allow the snow to settle down. We asked our experts at AATB and this is what they have to say about different snow removal techniques for your property.

Stay Safe While Working on Snow on Roof

When a lot of snow accumulates on the roof, it can put a dent on the roofline. Leaky roofs are common during winters. Walk around the perimeter of your homes and check your roofline. Look out for eaves and gutters and see if they are covered in icicles. Find out if an ice dam has already formed on the roof.

During periods of extreme snowstorms, the roof becomes overburdened with the weight of snow. This happens when old snow compacts under fresh ice. The safest way to remove snow from roofs is to use a rake from the ground level. Never stand directly below the area where snow has accumulated.

Snow removal Iowa City should not be problematic if you live in a single-story home. But ice dams can easily form on a multi-story house. Remember, it can be dangerous as a small area has the potential to shake off more than 100 pounds of snow. Availing professional snow removal services Iowa is a good idea.

Pro Tip: Never tackle the snow on a rooftop alone. Ask someone else to be a spotter and use a rope for extra security. Use boots with traction if you plan to go on the rooftop.

Remove Snow Like a Pro from Walkways

Be cautious on walkways during winter. Be a good neighbor and clear your walkways promptly after a snowstorm to prevent injuries from fall. If there is a prediction for the snowstorm, apply ice melt before the weather is inclement. This helps to lower the freezing point of water.

Follow a technique while clearing walkways. You need to shovel the first layer of snow, clear the path and then spread some ice melt. As packed ice starts to melt, remove them with a broom and apply the repeat ice melt. This will prevent the path from refreezing. You can also add a layer of sand for traction.

Remember commercial ice melts are less harsh on lawns and plants. You can also search for pet-safe formulations if you have furry friends at home. But often snowstorm catches you by surprise and you may be unprepared. Rock salt can be a good alternative for ice melt.

Pro Tip: As experienced professionals, we always urge people to plow snow with the storm. Once the snow gets deeper, it becomes difficult to remove it. If snow accumulates more than an inch, it hardens and becomes almost impossible to plow.

Snowplowing around your house

When you have icy areas around your home, it is imperative that you make them safe for pedestrians. You must work your way around icy zones carefully, so choose a non-slippery place to stand. When you walk on ice, use methods to cause traction to avoid slips and falls.

A layer of rock salt can cause traction as it helps to melt the ice. But rock salt can damage the metal or concrete surfaces. This is harmful to lawns as well. Even when you apply rock salt, you need to be careful about the perimeter, especially the boundary that separates lawns from driveways.

Use magnesium chloride instead which is less corrosive than other chemicals. Don’t forget to remove the hanging icicles from gutters and roof edges. They are sharp and can hurt pets and small animals. Removing them as part of snow and ice management in Des Moines is a must.

Pro Tip: Always look for places where snow can be easily piled without obstruction. There should be a connecting path through which melting snow can drain easily. In case you have a curvy walkway or driveway, you need to stake the area before the snowstorm.

Snow Removal Iowa City Specifics – Treat your Plants Well

Heavy ice can easily break or bend the branches causing damage to trees. As lawn care experts, we inspect your lawn and trees and remove potentially dangerous branches. You can also remove the snow from sagging branches with a long pole or broom. Work carefully as the cold makes the branches brittle. You may get hurt if you are not careful.

If trees are coated in heavy ice, you should wait for the ice to melt. Don’t try to forcefully chip the ice as it might damage the trees. But if branches laden with ice move dangerously closer to your homes, protect your homes by removing the ice.

Pro Tip: Shoveling ice or snow is a strenuous job. Always listen to your body and avoid injuries. If you feel that your body is giving up, you should stop immediately.

Driveway Snow Removal Techniques which Come Handy

After a snowstorm, the driveway should be cleared properly for the vehicles to get in and out. Make it accessible by clearing the snow at regular intervals. It is important that the bottom layer of snow does not turn to ice. Tires easily skid on slippery ice. It’s good to know the basics for snow removal in Iowa City to survive the winter.

Dress in layers, so that it is easier to remove clothing if it becomes too warm while you remove snow. Before you start to shovel the snow, indulge in some warm-up exercise. Warming up can prevent injuries. Choose your shovel carefully; use one which is neither too long nor too short. The equipment should not be heavy to make you uncomfortable.

Pro Tip: If you don’t want the snow to accumulate, it’s better to remove it when it’s light. It’s better not to lift snow but push it as much as possible. Don’t overload the shovel, if you are lifting snow or you may hurt your back. Use the best snow removal tools and don’t overexert yourself.

AATB experts can handle any extreme snow conditions after a heavy snowfall or snowstorm. Leave all the heavy work of plowing, lifting and clearing snow to us. Allow us to do all the hard work for snow removal Iowa City while you enjoy your time with your loved ones.

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