Spring Lawn Preparation

Spring Lawn Preparation

It’s not like spring comes without warning, but every season is a unique experience relative to others that have passed and those that are to come. Sometimes, your lawn surprises you and turns out better than you think you put the effort for. Other times, it is just impossible to tame those weeds and pests and you end up chasing after spring for a chance to catch up and get your lawn geared up for the season. Because of this, we have put together common questions our clients have during spring. These may prove helpful for you who may have similar concerns in spring time.

What do I have to do to prepare my lawn for spring?

  • The answer, in most cases, is very little. The exception being the areas of matted down leaves and debris that are smothering the grass. These areas should be raked up as soon as possible in the spring. A good tip we give our customers is to lower your mower deck setting one notch and bag the clippings for your first mowing of the year. Doing this will clean up all the small leaves, twigs and miscellaneous debris that have accumulated over the winter and will promote an earlier green up of the lawn. (After the first mowing, be sure to raise the mower deck setting back to 3 inches for the rest of the mowing season)

Should I seed my lawn this spring?

  • Not necessarily. For various reasons, fall (August 15th – September 15th) is the best time to seed. Lawns with thin turf or bare areas smaller than a foot in diameter will fill in with fertilization and normal spring rainfall. Due to the difficulties associated with spring seeding it is recommend that larger bare dirt areas be sodden for best results.

Should I have my mower blade sharpened

  • Of course. Mower blades should be kept sharp all year round, but most especially in spring and summer. Spring is an excellent time to make sure your mower is performing properly. This includes oil and filter change, tires inflated properly, mower deck checked for even cut, and blades sharpened. For more lawn care questions, visit our lawn care services page or directly contact us via the form in the upper right side of this post.

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