Preparing Your Lawn for Spring? Here are 5 Easy Steps


Spring is in the air and looking out from the window and seeing the first crocuses or daffodils return confirms just that. Now that winter is over, it’s lawn maintenance time.    We all know how harsh winter can wreak havoc on your lawn, shrubs, and trees. Months of lying dormant under a blanket of…

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Emerald Ash Borer: What to Know About the Beetle

Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer – a metallic green beetle – is a serious threat to ash trees. This wood-boring beetle’s effects are similar to that of Dutch elm disease and chestnut blight. In forests, as ash trees die, it leaves behind gaps in forest canopy, which allows light to reach the underlying vegetation.   Ash trees in lawns too are…

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Crabgrass prevention: a must for lawn care

Crabgrass prevention

Give crabgrass zero chance to settle in your lawn Crabgrass is one of the most common weeds you can find in Iowa lawns. It is no wonder almost every home owner in Iowa is very keen on crabgrass prevention. Every body must be ready before the early days of spring roll into place. As it…

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Ways to Winterize Your Irrigation System

Many people in the US have lawn irrigation systems on their property. Some are simple off-the-shelf systems from the local gardening store. But many people also hire experienced lawncare professionals for customized irrigation systems. However, if you do not properly winterize your irrigation system, you’ll come across some unexpected problems.  By winterize, we mean ensuring that the…

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