How to Care for your Tall Fescue in Summer: 4 Lawn Care Tips

fescue in summer

Summer is often a demanding time for most homeowners with tall fescue lawns. During the scorching summer months, it’s a challenge to minimize the propensity to infection and heat stress on a tall fescue lawn. Tall fescue, a cool-season grass, grows best during the cooler days of fall and spring. This grass type offers higher…

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How and When to Plant Tall Fescue Grass Seed?

tall fescue grass seed for lawns in Iowa

If you’re planning to create a new lawn or revamp an existing one, and have chosen tall fescue as your turf type, you’re guaranteed to have a vibrant and beautiful lawn! Tall fescue turf grass can adapt to a range of climates and has good tolerance to heat, cold, shade, and drought. This turf type…

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