Tips on Choosing a Lawn Care Company

Choosing a Lawn Care Company that you have confidence in to get the results you wish can be a daunting task. All lawn companies look the same – nice trucks, uniformed employees, fancy literature, and nice websites. However, all lawn services are not alike. How does a homeowner make the right decision?

Lawn Care Service Provider Tips

Here’s what to look for:

Will they meet with you in person to evaluate the lawn and explain their program to you?

Insist on meeting with a company representative so you can evaluate their knowledge and experience, their program, the level of service they provide, and how they will handle your lawn’s problems.

Is the company’s applicator a trained and experienced career professional?

The most important factor that determines your results and satisfaction is the person that makes the applications to your lawn. Be careful here- it is common for lawn care companies to use seasonal or temporary workers. All American Turf Beauty’s Turf Specialists are full-time career professionals. They have experience, knowledge, training, and are dedicated to giving you excellent results and personalized service.

Has the company correctly measured the lawn?

Lawn measurements determine the price of the applications, but more importantly, determine the amount of product that will be used on your lawn. If a company under measures your lawn to give you a cheap price it is not a bargain because you will not get the correct amount of product applied to the lawn that is required to get the desired results. All American Turf Beauty provides accurate lawn measurements to all of its customers.

Does the company have a written agreement that spells out exactly what they will do?

Sometimes a handshake is not good enough. At All American Turf Beauty, we sign an agreement outlining exactly what we will do, when we will do it, how large the lawn is and the cost of the service provided. The agreement eliminates any confusion and gives customers some peace of mind that they know what they have ordered and for what price.

Does the company guarantee they will apply the pesticides as scheduled?

Some companies hedge by saying they will apply “weather permitting” or “as needed.”
All American Turf Beauty applies pesticides as outlined in the written agreement. If the weather does not permit applications on a given day we will return on a nice day when it’s suitable to do a good job.

How long has the company been in business?

Experience counts. All American Turf Beauty has been in business since 1976, and was the first company to offer programed lawn care in the state.

Does the company belong to and support the code of ethics of professional organizations?

All American Turf Beauty belongs to and supports the code of ethics of many organizations including:

Is the company Licensed, certified, and insured?

How does the company make applications when it is too windy or hot?

All American Turf Beauty does not make applications when it is above 90 degrees or when it is windy enough to disturb the spray pattern.

Does the company spot spray for Crabgrass, Yellow Nutsedge, and Broadleaf weeds in the summer?

All American Turf Beauty spot sprays for any Crabgrass breakthrough, Yellow Nutsedge, and Broadleaf weeds as part of the summer application. Most other companies do this at an additional charge.

Does the company use expensive, but desirable slow release nitrogen?

Many companies use quick release nitrogen to cut cost. All American Turf Beauty uses slow release Nitrogen with each application.

These are a few tips that will help consumers make an educated decision in choosing a lawn care provider. Selecting the right company to care for your property is the first step to your satisfaction with your lawn care results.

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  1. Not many people would think about it, but I think that the article makes a great point about making sure that the company has a written agreement. Ideally, you want to know what you can expect when you sign up and start paying them to fix up your lawn. That way you have a legally binding document that promises you that they will keep up their end of the deal.

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