Top 10 Great Ways to Get your Lawn Spring Ready

Top 10 Great Ways to Get your Lawn Spring Ready

Spring is here and so comes the mowing season! Whether it’s to highlight the appeal of your yard or to transform it to a family bonding paradise, there is no question that it’s the season when lawn care is a must. Make sure you are doing it right with our ten tips to a lush, green spring-to-summer lawn.

Clean up 

 Rake away that thatch. Yes. Rake. Although it is something that seems to be done to your lawn almost all year round, as there is also raking in the summer and autumn, it is one task that is up in the priority list! Deep raking is particularly necessary as it not only removes the leaves and grass blades, it gets rid of snow mold and the thatch build-up, too! This makes hitting two birds with one stone totally worth the effort!

 Get your soil in top shape 

 Liming. Before growing a healthy lawn, it is a must to be sure it is ready to grow healthy. After what winter has put your soil through, it pays to check your soil PH to know if your soil needs amendments. Get that soil test kit ready early in spring and see whether your soil is acidic or alkaline. Take note that the presence of moss may often mean there’s acidity. Take caution in applying lime, though. Do not apply lime within 2-3 weeks after fertilizing. This may cause a reaction on the ingredients and they will lose their effect altogether.

Lawn Aeration. Compaction is the enemy of growth. Make way for water and essential nutrients by loosening your soil through aeration. You may have to wait until late spring to apply this process, though, as it is best during high growth periods for your grass to continue to thrive.

Say no to bare spots! What could ruin your grassy lawn worse than a bald spot? Well, there is no cause to panic. Simply flush the spot with water and remove the dead grass. Level the spot out with soil and reseed with your grass variety. Voila! Off with the bare spot!

Fertilizing. Go light on feeding your greens in the early spring. Give them time to digest the fertilizers. Very often, overwhelming your grass with fertilizers does far worse. Not to mention the amount of weeds you will invite by overfeeding your grass!

Control your weeds before they take control 

 The magic of herbicides. You’ll be surprised at the competition your lawn grass has with crabgrass and other weeds. That is what pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent herbicides were created for. If weeds and crabgrass are known to pester your lawn perennially, go for pre-emergent herbicides. Be mindful of timing when applying this, though, as it does not only go against the growth of crabgrass and weeds, but of your grass seeds, too. Count back two to three weeks when weeds begin to grow and apply the pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn. It works against the growth of your grass, too, so if proper timing is missed, resorting to post-emergents. Apply post-emergent herbicides to destroy already established weeds.

Pulling the weeds. You cannot keep all the weeds off your lawn. It is all too easy for natural causes like animals, birds, and even the wind to blow weed seeds from other lawns. Hence, it is not a bad idea to employ pulling of the weeds as a prevention method!

Mowing. Invest in well maintained mowing equipment and make your summer and autumn mowing a breeze! As they say, it pays to take care of your mower so it can take care of your lawn. Their blades are meant to be sharp so the grass is cut crisp and they can heal fast after cutting. Remember not to cut more than the top third of the blade off. It is never a good idea to scalp your lawn. Also, did you know that mixing up your mowing directions ensures a uniform cut and reduces the possibility of compaction?

Watering. Keep in mind that cold air is very drying to plants and lawns. Do not let your lawns go dry. Make sure your lawn gets at least 1” of water per week!

Lawn Maintenance. Keep your lawn safe from insects as much as you do from weeds. Summer brings insects that may damage your carefully grown grass. Be ready with insecticides to be sprinkled on your lawn for the elimination of soil grubs and insects. This is usually a one-time application that lasts for seasons.