Why Turf Grasses Wait for the Ideal Temperature to Germinate

September 25, 2018

In 1976 All American Turf Beauty was the first company in Iowa to offer programmed lawn care. The company founders literally invented and developed the industry in Iowa. Get a beautiful weed-free lawn with our professional lawn care services!

Turf grasses do great in warm and cool seasonsMany residential and commercial properties these days do use artificial turf instead of natural turf grasses. But plastic is not even close to the real thing.  

Though people of Iowa truly enjoy their lawns in either cool season or warm season; it takes a full year’s preparation to develop a natural turf bed. A well-maintained carpet of natural turf grasses adds class and flair to your premises. 

However, even the hardiest varieties of turf grass require proper nutrition, maintenance, and seasonal lawn care. Iowa’s top landscaping companies like All American Turf Beauty know a lot of secrets about your garden and front yard. 

If you’re landscaping near Des Moines, you need to know how the local geography and climate will affect your lawn. However, these factors may change every few hundred miles! 

All turf grasses will behave differently between cool seasons and warm seasons. Also, you may even need to change the type of grasses on your lawn, or the fertilizer your use.  

Also remember that lawns in residential and commercial properties have different needs. You will need to treat the soil differently for expected results. 


Turf Grasses – Nature’s Ultimate Warriors 

Grasses have evolved to be so versatile and resilient because they need a large surface area to grow properly. They are community organisms which thrive in large groups. However, these natural dynamics change a bit when it comes to home lawn care. Iowa’s extreme temperatures and harsh weather can have a negative impact on your landscaping. 

Des Moines, and other prime residential areas in Iowa have several beautiful lawns. However, it takes a professional touch to keep them beautiful. If left to their innate nature, your turf grasses might die off in patches, or outgrow everything else.  

Hence, turf grasses are true survivalists. You need to know how to use their natural behavior to your advantage for the best lawn care. Iowa’s extreme climate will present a few challenges, but careful planning will help immensely. 

True Grasses can grow in cool seasons, or warm seasons. They can survive extreme climates and poor soil conditions. However, most grass seeds can stay dormant and wait for more favorable conditions for over than a year! 

They are literally one of the most well-adjusted species on the planet. Since all turf grasses were once wild, it is in their nature to survive extreme challenges.

turf grasses evolved from tough wild grasses

Yet, many people doing landscaping near Des Moines complain about their turf beds drying up or dying off. Usually this is because of simple lawn care mistakes. 


Changing Seasonal Behavior of Turf Grass

A carpet of turf grass is several clusters of individual grass-plants. These individual seedlings further inter-connect using a network of fine roots and rhizomes. They communicate with each other about approaching extreme temperatures, warm seasons, cool seasons, or other hostile plants growing nearby. 

These are the natural survival strategies that you need to hack to get a beautiful lawn.  

According to experts, turf grasses don’t grow too much in very hot or very cold weather. For lawn care in Iowa, the cool season and warm season are the best times of the year.  


In the Midwest region of US that would mean – 

1. Fall (between August and November) – This is the season to de-weed your lawn and enrich it with plenty of fertilizer. Patches where the old turf has eroded or died off require new seeds. These simple lawncare steps will ensure a beautiful turf growth in the coming spring. 


2. Spring (between February and April) – This is the perfect season to see your fresh new turf bed grow. The grass seeds will have stored up plenty of nutrients over the winter to sprout well. However, this growth requires proper lawncare measures during the preceding Fall.


Local experts of lawn care and landscaping near Des Moines like All American Turf Beauty have learnt these hacks over the years.  

They know which grasses are best for residential and commercial lawns. They also know a lot about the best ways to treat turf grasses if there are pest or weed infestations. However, this takes years of observation and learning. 

To understand these changing seasonal behavior of grasses, you should always trust experts. Proper lawn care in Iowa’s extreme weather can be tricky.  

However, experienced landscapers will always have unique solutions to tricky problems. When landscaping in Des Moines, soil treatment and de-weeding methods are different from places like Mason City or Sioux City! Although located in the same state, each of these cities have different soil conditions, water levels, and local weather.

Depending on warm or cool seasons, residential and commercial lawns require specific lawn care in Iowa. Make sure you choose a landscaper who knows these differences. 


Turf Grasses and Their Survivalist Strategies 

The reason that even nature’s tough little warriors need nurture and care is due to their natural survival tendencies. Grass seeds will judge the immediate weather, average temperature, and soil conditions before they germinate. 

Although there are artificial ways to get turf grass seeds to germinate; many of them will remain dormant. While you will still see new sprouting grass, a lot of those seeds will wait for more favorable conditions.

If the conditions are favorable like warm seasons, seedlings will coordinate their growth. However, if there is a dearth of resources, turf grasses will grow in uneven clumps. Although some seeds will hibernate till conditions are favorable, while others will sprout and begin to grow. 

Experts of gardening and lawn care in Iowa suggest that you buy turf grasses according to your lawn usage. Some turf grasses are tough and can survive being heavily tread upon; while some break even under moderate weight. 

Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, and Tall Fescue are the most common turf grasses for residential and commercial landscaping. Des Moines based landscapers like All American Turf Beauty offer several types of turf grasses for you to choose from. 


To learn more about turf grasses and the best practices for lawn care in Iowa, please visit the All American Turf Beauty website. If you need professional help with your lawn or landscaping, call them on 1-800-365-8873 for an instant response!

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