Why do some lawns have short-lived grandeur while others live it up until early autumn? The key is in the weeding and feeding as the seasons change

Need to Weed and Feed Lawn

Your beautiful lawn is bound to happen as spring comes around the corner. Yes, it is all the fruit of your hard work to bring about a lush, green lawn in spring. You can’t go wrong with all that raking, aeration, and fertilizing.

So now that you have your grassy spring lawn, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Not so fast! For healthy lawns to remain as such, you need to follow through with lawn maintenance.

One thing you need to remember is that green lawns do not stay green. It takes a vigilant owner and caretaker to keep them green.

How exactly do you become that? What does it take to keep your lawn healthy and not sweat it? Weed and Feed

There are tons of ways to keep your lawn green and healthy. What we want focus on right now is weeding and feeding your lawn. There have been arguments on the use of the weed and feed method over the years.

It is a known method that uses fertilizer and weed killer in one. It is hailed as a quick and simple method of killing weeds while fertilizing your lawn grass at the same time. These formulas are designed to strengthen grass and kill off weeds in one application.

Over time, this method improves your lawn’s ability to absorb water and essential nutrients. Although quite a time-saver, this weed, and feed formula sometimes does not work. When that happens, it leaves you with the horror of burnt grass and even bigger weeds. You do not want that on your lawn at all.

It’s ironic how two good elements combined can do harm on your lawn like that. How can you make it work instead? It’s rather simple. Do not combine them. Use a separate grass fertilizer from your weed killer. Sure, there are still weed and feed formulas in the market today, but be aware of your options. Not all would work on your lawn. Fertilize first then apply weed killer. This ensures your grass growth is strong.

Then  you get rid of the crabgrass and dandelions. You can even achieve control by being able to spot spray only in areas where there is weed growth. No matter what, remember that your greens rely on you for constant care. Come up with your own feeding and weeding calendar not just in spring, but in all seasons. That way, you get to keep your grass happy.

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