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Considering Outdoor Lighting? All American Turf Beauty Has Your Solution

Over the years more and more of our customers have become interested in our architectural /landscape lighting service and our permanent lighting services.

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Three Ways to Accentuate Your Front Door with Outdoor Lighting

The front door is the first impression for guests when they walk in your home and the ultimate “welcome” sign for visitors.

Your front door is the main attraction for the entryway to your house, which is why it should be tasteful and well-lit.

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Make Your Neighborhood Eco-Friendly with LED Lighting

As you’re probably aware of by now, LED lighting is better for the environment than outdated bulbs like the incandescent ones.

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How to Accentuate Your Home’s Architecture Utilizing Outdoor Lighting

When looking at the architecture of houses, there are dozens of styles of homes on the market. Whether you have a Cape, an Art Deco, a Craftsman, a Colonial or any other style of house, chances are that you’ll have at least one unique architectural element that deserves some attention.

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