Holiday lighting professionals deliver outdoor holiday displays that are always on-trend, fresh, and innovative

According to the financial marketplace site Lend EDU, almost 13 percent of the average property owner’s total annual holiday budget is spent on decorations. While this may not amount to a huge amount of dollars in any given year, this number reflects only the cost of purchasing the decorations, and not the value of the time spent moving decorations into and out of storage, untangling light strings, and checking them for damage, maintaining and even replacing decorations throughout the holiday season, and installing and taking down decorations year after year.

“What’s more,” said Jim O’Loughlin Of Christmas Décor by All American Turf Beauty,  “property owners who invest in expensive ornaments, lighting effects, and holiday décor items may feel financially locked into using the same decorating scheme year after year, even though each new holiday season brings innovative ideas they might want to try.”

One option for property owners who want to create a great outdoor holiday display that will always reflect the latest trends in lighting color schemes, effects, and accessories is to turn to a holiday outdoor decorating specialist like Christmas Decor. Trained specialists plan, install, maintain, remove, store, and replace holiday decorations each year, creating eye-catching lighting and decorating designs that fit the client’s budget and style. “No matter what outdoor display you prefer,” said O’Loughlin, “our trained holiday lighting designers can keep your décor fresh and on-trend each year by incorporating exclusive, professional-grade lighting accents on trees or landscape shrubs, colorful enhancements on wreaths, or colorful ‘picks’ and ornaments on greenery. Subtle changes can deliver a big impact.”

The demand for professional holiday decorating services is growing, not only because property owners appreciate being able to hand off this annual chore and the stress that goes with it, but also because they realize that no amount of planning and effort will produce the results that trained designers can deliver. Using the latest lighting and décor options not available to the everyday consumer, the Christmas Decor Franchise Network now decorates more than 50,000 homes and businesses nationwide each holiday season. As demand grows, O’Loughlin warns, the availability of prime, early decorating dates shrinks. The optimum window for holiday display installations is a small one – beginning in October and wrapping up in early December – so interested property owners should schedule their holiday display planning and installation now, while prime dates are still available. For more information on having Christmas Decor decorate your home or business, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation or installation, please contact All American Turf Beauty. You can also learn more at