Ensure a Lush Lawn in Fall and Spring with Proper Fall Lawn Care!

Premium Fall Lawn Care Services in Iowa

Well-timed lawn care in fall can pave the way for a healthy and green lawn in the next spring.  

Let the fall lawn care experts at All American Turf Beauty provide your lawn the care it needs in fall! Adequately experienced in fall lawn care, our specialists can help transform your lawn from average to spectacular. With our customized fall lawn care services, you can attain a lawn that’s lush and green in fall as well as vibrant and beautiful in the next spring! 

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We have the best lawn weed control plan.

Lawns larger than 5,000 sqft will receive 15% off our regularly discounted prices on the first application. Must purchase full program.

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Our fall lawn care specialists know the secret to lush lawns!

Considering the unique aspects of your Iowa lawn, which include your climate, type of soil, and type of grass, we create and implement a customized fall lawn care strategy.

    • Full rate of fertilizer with slow release nitrogen.
      - Promotes fall growth to recoup from summer stress.
    • Broadleaf weed control
      - Controls Dandelions and other perennial broadleaf weeds.
    • August 15 - October 15

    • Aeration is the process of pulling plugs of soil about the size of your thumb throughout the lawn. Aeration has many benefits:
      - Reduces thatch accumulation.
      - Relieves compaction and creates room for grass roots to grow.
      - Prevents water run off and allows fertilizer and water to get down in the root zone.
    • Aeration provides an excellent seed bed.
      - Seed following aeration
    • August 15 - October 15

    • Heavy rate of fertilizer with slow release nitrogen. The Late Fall application has many benefits:
      - Thickens the turf.
      - Develops root system.
      - Stored carbohydrates increases turfs ability to survive and recover from stress problems associated with drought, disease, insects and other environmental stresses.
      - Provides earlier green up in the spring.
    • October 15 - November 15

      • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
      • Pre-emergent Crabgrass and Foxtail control.

      • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
      • Dandelion and Broadleaf weed control.

    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Iron and micro nutrients. Broadleaf weed control for Creeping Charlie and other difficult to control weeds.

    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Spot treatment of weeds, annual grasses, and yellow nutsedge. Summer Lawn Inspection.

    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Dandelion and Broadleaf weed control.

    • Heavy rate of fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
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Why Fall Lawn Care is a Must for Your Lawn?

Well, timely care in the fall ensures a green, healthy, and thick lawn in the next spring. Fall is the time you need to invest in your lawn, to see the rewards in the upcoming spring! The moist and cool weather fall brings favors healthy development of grassroots. Take advantage of the growing period offered by fall as it will pay notable dividends next year.   

Fall presents the ideal conditions for different lawn treatments like lawn weeding and fertilization as well as lawn aeration and overseeding, which translate into a lusher and more beautiful lawn in the spring. So, if you want your lawn to wake up in the upcoming spring hydrated, disease-free, and with a stomach-full of food, ensure proper lawn care this fall! 

Get ahead with these foolproof lawn care schedule tips beginning spring

All American Turf Beauty is Your Go-To Place for Comprehensive Fall Lawn Care Services 

Our lawn care specialists know what works for your lawn and can offer you a tailored fall lawn treatmentOur fall lawn care service program includes, but is not limited to, the following steps: 

  • Removing Leaves

The carpet of autumn leaves can hinder turf growth by preventing light reach and trapping moisture. Our fall lawn care experts employ effective yet gentle techniques to free your lawn from these leaves before starting any treatment.  

  • Aerating your Lawn

Lawns suffer from some extent of heat stress and soil compaction over the summer, which contribute to thinned or brown grass lawn owners may notice in summer. Lawn aeration removes soil plugs from your yard, freeing up passageways for nutrients to reach grassroots. Aerating lawn in the fall can help you attain a healthy and green lawn the next year.  

Our professional lawn aeration service involves the use of advanced machinery that enhances the effectiveness of the job, resulting in a lusher lawn next spring.  

  • Fertilizing your Lawn

Fall is the most important time of the year for lawn fertilization. Fall lawn fertilization results in a lawn that’s healthier and looks better. It provides adequate nutrients to your lawn to help it get through the cold winter and enables the grass to grow healthier and stronger in the spring. 

Our lawn care professionals fertilize your lawn soon after aerating your lawn to allow the reach of nutrients deeper into your soil.  

  • Seeding your Lawn

Overseeding existing turf not only fills in bare patches or thin spots but also lets you add the latest types of drought-tolerant and resilient grasses. Fall offers favorable conditions for overseeding since it’s not too hot during daytime, nights are cool, there’s adequate moisture, and the soil is still warm.  

Our overseeding experts can accomplish the job effectively, and you can soon watch a dense, green lawn.  


Get a Lawn Lusher than Ever! Sign Up for Our Fall Lawn Care Services!!

As fall is around the corner, it’s high time to schedule your fall lawn care treatments! With All American Turf Beauty by your side, you can rest assured that your lawn lies in the best hands!

With a team of most experienced and best trained fall lawn care specialists, we can offer you the best services, which will result in a healthy and happy lawn. We have a broad base of satisfied customers owing to our high-quality and affordable lawn care services.

Here's a review by one of our valued customers:

“All American provided a very competitive lawn care package and were very responsive in providing a rapid response to our needs. Our lawn is green and lush and we are enjoying it very much. - Mak G.

Sign up for our fall lawn care program today! To request a consultation with one of our fall lawn care experts, give us a call now!! 

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