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Established in 1995, Christmas Décor by All American Turf Beauty is Iowa’s premier holiday decorating service. We decorate over 900 homes and businesses throughout the state each holiday season. Christmas Décor is a franchise service with over 400 franchises throughout the United States and Canada. They provide all of our design and installation training, commercial quality lights and decorations, and all the support required to provide a professional hassle – free service to our clients.

Permanent Architectural Holiday Lighting

With a one-time permanent solution, you can illuminate for every occasion.

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Remarkable Service Experience

Christmas Décor by All American Turf Beauty provides turnkey holiday decorating services at a great price. We offer a variety of unique holiday decorating service option – each customized specifically to your property!

Our trained team of professionals is focused on two things—providing a beautiful holiday display and making your holiday season as enjoyable and safe as possible! Our decorating services include:

  • Custom design
  • Professional custom Installation
  • Proactive service and inspections
  • Takedown and storage

How To Get Started

Professional design – Christmas Decors professional designer will provide a customized decorating design specifically for your property. We will use design software that imposes lights and decorations on an image of your home so you can see how it will look decorated. It will include the five main design elements- roof lighting, window lighting, ground lighting, trees and shrub lighting, and wreaths and garland. A menu of these items will be presented to you along with line item pricing. There is no pressure! You simply pick and choose the items you like based on your taste and budget. 

Professional customized installation- Once you place your order our installation crew will prepare for the install. All lights and decorations are custom fit to your home. All product will be professionally installed with appropriate clips and fasteners that are non-intrusive to your property. We use only professional grade LED lights, and garland products.

Proactive service calls – The lights and decorations are outside in Iowa’s harsh winters exposed to the elements. Our clients don’t always see when a bulb is out or if something is not quite right with the display. Our goal is to provide hassle free service. During the holiday season we do proactive service calls to your home to check the display to make sure everything is perfect. If at any time our clients see a problem they can call our office. Service calls are free any time.

Takedown and storage- When the holiday season comes to an end we will come out and take down the lights and decorations, package them for storage, and store them at our facility where they will be serviced and prepared for the next season’s installation

Impeccable service, Beautiful displays, Peace of mind

That’s the Christmas Décor Experience!

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