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LED Color Changing Lights for Every Season

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Rethink Lighting Solutions With PermaLites 365

PermaLites are color changing, cloud-controlled perimeter lights that leverage over 10 million colors and countless animation effects. This high-quality, custom lighting solution is versatile enough to highlight the architecture of any home, business or municipality.


Color Changing Lights for all Occasions 

PermaLites 365 are designed to be used for holidays, events, commemorations, or even day-to-day dazzle! A localized, on-site controller allows you to customize the colors you want and schedule out an entire year’s worth of light arrangements. Your home or business can glow beautifully year-round to reflect the days and occasions that are most special to you!

Each LED strip light is thin, clear, and nearly invisible during the daytime, but they can be adjusted exactly to your liking as soon as the sun goes down.

Custom Lighting That You Control

With PermaLites 365, customers can access their lighting solutions remotely through one or more controllers—flexible cloud-based systems that enable users to manage their home or building’s colors, timer options, and light sequences. Illuminate your space exactly when and how you want!


Save Money & Energy With LED Color Changing Lights

PermaLites 365 are extremely cost and energy efficient compared to their traditional lighting counterparts, which require 87 percent more energy to operate. These color changing lights pay for themselves within just 2 years from the savings in energy costs alone. On top of that, PermaLites require little to no maintenance unlike most lighting systems which have to be replaced or fixed frequently.

PermaLites 365 have a whopping 50,000-hour life expectancy and require very little electricity. These low-voltage, long-lasting lights are excellent eco-friendly alternatives to other lights that leave a much larger carbon footprint.

Get PermaLites 365 Installed by Professionals

Say goodbye to unreliable, temporary string lights. All American Turf Beauty offers professional permanent lighting installations so you can have confidence knowing that your home or business will look festive all year long.

Learn more about our permanent lighting options and connect with us today to get started!