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Professional Spring Lawn Care

Spring is here! It’s a significant time to address a few important lawn care tasks.  

Rely on All American Turf Beauty to care for your lawn in the spring. We are experts at Spring Lawn Care and have a track record of creating lush lawns through our high-quality, customized spring lawn care services.  Hire us to have a lush and healthy lawn that’s as beautiful as spring itself! 

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Spring Lawn Care

We’re passionate about creating and maintaining lush lawns.

We consider the climate, types of soil, and types of grass commonly grown in Iowa to come up with an effective spring lawn care strategy.

  • Early Spring
    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Pre-emergent Crabgrass and Foxtail control

    Late Spring
    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Dandelion and Broadleaf weed control.

    Early Summer
    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Iron and micro nutrients. Broadleaf weed control for Creeping Charlie and other difficult to control weeds.

    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Spot treatment of weeds, annual grasses, and yellow nutsedge. Summer Lawn Inspection.

    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Dandelion and Broadleaf weed control.

    Late Fall
    • Heavy rate of fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
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High-Quality & Affordable Spring Lawn Care Services in Iowa

All American Turf Beauty has a comprehensive approach to spring lawn care that involves specific lawn care measures to be taken during early spring and spring.

In early spring, our lawn care specialist will assess your lawn during the first visit and suggest the best products to be applied to give a great start to your lawn. We ensure that your lawn receives the right nutrients after the long winter so that strong and healthy grass can grow on it. Our application also helps control the germination and growth of weeds that commonly emerge in the winter months, like Thistle and Clover, as well as prevents the growth of new weeds, like Dandelion.

In spring, we apply the right fertilizer to your lawn alongside controlling weeds. We also address lawn problems effectively, if any, as part of our Spring Lawn Care program. We work with you to understand your lawn care concerns and needs to provide you with a customized Spring Lawn Care solution.

Get ahead with these foolproof lawn care schedule tips beginning spring

When it comes to Spring Lawn Care, the lawn care experts of All American Turf Beauty don’t just know what to do, but also how to do it! Our Spring Lawn Care program involves the following steps: 

  • Cleaning Up the Lawn, but being Gentle 

We understand that avoiding heavy yard work during spring until the soil dries out is importantHard raking and foot traffic can disturb or compact soggy soil as well as damage new, tender grass shoots. So, we clean up your lawn, but our methods are gentle. 

  • Controlling Weeds 

Spring is the best time for weed prevention by employing pre-emergent weed controlThe first application of pre-emergent herbicide should happen just when forsythia bushes finish blooming during spring. This should stop crabgrass as well as other weeds before they get a chance to germinate. Weed prevention during spring can benefit both warm-season and cool-season grasses 

  • Fertilizing 

When and how your lawn needs to be fertilized depends on your type of grass.  

Lawns with cool-season grasses shouldn’t be heavily fertilized during springFeeding in the spring encourages rapid tender growth, which may struggle to survive the summer heat, especially in areas prone to drought. If your lawn requires fertilization in spring, we fertilize it lightly using a balanced, slow-release fertilizer.  

For warm-season grasses, fertilization should be done in the late spring as soon as a lawn becomes green and starts growing activelyUsually, this is in April or May.  

  • Addressing Soil Problems 

If you have noticed that your lawn has failed to respond in the past to your fertilization program, your current soil pH level may be interfering with the proper uptake of nutrients being applied. Simply put, due to a soil chemistry issue, your lawn is unable to use the fertilizer applied effectively. This leads to poor color, growth, and health of your lawn. Unfortunately, applying more fertilizer does not correct the problem, and usually makes the problem worse in many ways!

Spring is an ideal time for conducting a soil test to find out whether your soil requires extra steps to correct a poor soil pH level. Please talk to our trained personnel to see if a soil test makes sense for your lawn. A soil test is the first step in identifying a soil pH problem. Based upon the soil test result, we can offer cost-effective solutions if low soil pH is a problem. Applying additional lime to soil with low pH will unlock the potential for your lawn to utilize the fertilizer being applied. This leads to a greener and healthier lawn.  

Some other Spring Lawn Care tasks we undertake are  Aeration, Dethatching, Watering, and Insect Control.  


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