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Professional Summer Lawn Care

Beat the heat this summer by giving your lawn the best care. Prepare your lawn to thrive during the summer months with our professional Summer Lawn Care services. All American Turf Beauty has extensive experience in Summer Lawn Care and a proven record of accomplishment in keeping Iowa lawns lush and green through the summer months. Rely on us for all your summer lawn maintenance needs!

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Lawns larger than 5,000 sqft will receive 15% off our regularly discounted prices on the first application. Must purchase full program.

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Spring Lawn Care

We know How to Keep Lawns Healthy and Green as the Temperatures Soar.

Our customized Summer Lawn Care program is created considering your type of soil, type of grass, and other vital aspects of your lawn.

  • Early Spring
    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Pre-emergent Crabgrass and Foxtail control

    Late Spring
    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Dandelion and Broadleaf weed control.

    Early Summer
    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Iron and micro nutrients. Broadleaf weed control for Creeping Charlie and other difficult to control weeds.

    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Spot treatment of weeds, annual grasses, and yellow nutsedge. Summer Lawn Inspection.

    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Dandelion and Broadleaf weed control.

    Late Fall
    • Heavy rate of fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
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Why Lawn Care is a Must in the Summer Months?

As the temperatures rise, lawn maintenance becomes the call of the hour. Lawn care in the spring is about reviving your lawn to make it healthy and green, while lawn care during the summer is about keeping your lawn healthy and green as the weather gets hotter and rainfall becomes scarce.

Summer lawn care is a must to enable lawns to tolerate the damaging heat and drought and other stresses. Your lawn also needs summer care to withstand everything that summer comes with like high traffic, parties, games, and barbecues.

Once the temperature rises to the 80s and above, lawns start struggling. Proper Summer Lawn Care can strengthen Iowa lawns and keep them in good health during the scorching summer months. The Summer Lawn Care specialists at All American Turf Beauty can maintain verdant lawns in the summer.

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Affordable and High-Quality Summer Lawn Care Services in Iowa

All American Turf Beauty offers a comprehensive and customized Summer Lawn Care program that caters to all your lawn’s summer care needs. Our Summer Lawn Care program focuses on the following key summer lawn maintenance chores:

  • Lawn Feeding:

Feeding your lawn during the summer strengthens the lawn, increasing its ability to withstand the heat and drought brought by summer. Proper summer lawn feed helps you get a healthy lawn with a deep green color. We use fertilizers with slow-release nitrogen to keep the turf healthy in the summertime.

  • Irrigation System Maintenance:

Having a lawn irrigation system in place makes lawn watering easier, especially during summer when your lawn’s watering needs are relatively higher. Nevertheless, for optimum functioning of your irrigation system, you need to maintain your irrigation system. Routine maintenance and repairs are important to correct component failure and damage.

All American Turf Beauty offers a comprehensive Lawn Irrigation System Maintenance program that keeps your lawn irrigation system in the best condition facilitating easy and effective watering.

  • Weed Control:

If you are early with weed control in the summer, you will be able to eliminate established weeds before they grow and spread seeds. We take effective weed control measures to control broadleaf weeds like Creeping Charlie and other hard to control weeds. We also do spot treatment of weeds, yellow nutsedge, and annual grasses. Moreover, our Summer Lawn Care program includes a lawn inspection.

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Sign Up for Our Summer Lawn Care Program Today!

Let your lawn stay lush and green over the sweltering summer months with our high-quality Summer Lawn Care services. Be an early bird to schedule summer lawn care services for your lawn to get the maximum advantage.

All American Turf Beauty is a leading lawn care company in Iowa with a broad base of satisfied customers. With a combination of know-how and experience, our lawn care experts can transform dull lawns into vibrant ones. Sign up for our Summer Lawn Care program to keep your lawn healthy and verdant through the summer. Schedule a consultation with one of our Summer Lawn Care professionals today by calling us at 515-996-2261!

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All American Turf Beauty provides complete services ranging from lawn care to Christmas lighting. We are dedicated to making your yard and home look its best. Let us do the work, so you can enjoy your home and the things that matter the most to you.

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