Let Your Lawn Thrive through the Winter and Next Spring!

Professional Winter Lawn Care in Iowa

Prepare your lawn to withstand the chilling winter and stay healthy and green next spring with the right Winter Lawn Care. Our professional Winter Lawn Care services include the care your lawn needs to thrive through the colder months. Backed by vast experience in lawn care, All American Turf Beauty knows what works and what does not for lawns in the winter. Our team can effectively cater to all your winter lawn maintenance needs!

Professional Winter Lawn Care in Iowa


We have the best lawn weed control plan.

Lawns larger than 5,000 sqft will receive 15% off our regularly discounted prices on the first application. Must purchase full program.

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Think Winter Lawn Care, Think All American Turf Beauty!

Comprehensive and customized Winter Lawn Care program tailored to your soil type, grass type, other aspects of your lawn, and lawn care needs.

    • Full rate of fertilizer with slow release nitrogen.
      - Promotes fall growth to recoup from summer stress.
    • Broadleaf weed control
      - Controls Dandelions and other perennial broadleaf weeds.
    • August 15 - October 15

    • Aeration is the process of pulling plugs of soil about the size of your thumb throughout the lawn. Aeration has many benefits:
      - Reduces thatch accumulation.
      - Relieves compaction and creates room for grass roots to grow.
      - Prevents water run off and allows fertilizer and water to get down in the root zone.
    • Aeration provides an excellent seed bed.
      - Seed following aeration
    • August 15 - October 15

    • Heavy rate of fertilizer with slow release nitrogen. The Late Fall application has many benefits:
      - Thickens the turf.
      - Develops root system.
      - Stored carbohydrates increases turfs ability to survive and recover from stress problems associated with drought, disease, insects and other environmental stresses.
      - Provides earlier green up in the spring.
    • October 15 - November 15

      • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
      • Pre-emergent Crabgrass and Foxtail control.

      • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
      • Dandelion and Broadleaf weed control.

    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Iron and micro nutrients. Broadleaf weed control for Creeping Charlie and other difficult to control weeds.

    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Spot treatment of weeds, annual grasses, and yellow nutsedge. Summer Lawn Inspection.

    • Fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
    • Dandelion and Broadleaf weed control.

    • Heavy rate of fertilizer with Slow Release Nitrogen
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Winter Lawn Care is the Secret to a Lush and Verdant Lawn Come Spring

It is tempting to ignore your lawn in the winter months and take a break from all lawn maintenance chores during that time, but this is a mistake lawn owners should avoid. It is important to give your lawn the necessary care in the winter for it to be in sound health come springtime. In fact, the most vital and effective activities in Winter Lawn Care actually need to be performed before the onset of winter.

Attention and care before and during the winter can benefit the lawn grass, even if it goes dormant during the coldest time of the year.

Realizing the importance of Winter Lawn Care, be an early bird to plan winter care for your lawn and make the most of the services. All American Turf Beauty’s Winter Lawn Care program comprises all the necessary treatments to ensure that your lawn stays healthy through wintertime and emerges lush and beautiful the next spring.

winter lawn care

Affordable and High-Quality Winter Lawn Care Services in Iowa

Our customized and comprehensive Winter Lawn Care program meets all your lawn's winter care needs. The program includes the following chief winter lawn maintenance chores:

  • Aeration and Fertilization

Lawns need to be aerated before the first frost. Aerating allows your lawn to breathe before the lawn grass becomes dormant, as well as reduces the compaction created during the warmer months.
After aeration, get your lawn fertilized. Fertilization of your lawn offers the essential nutrients to your grass that it needs to prepare for the winter. The roots of the grass absorb and store the nutrients over the winter months. The grass taps into these stored nutrients during the spring, which gives your lawn a head start and makes it lush and green.

All American Turf Beauty can effectively aerate and fertilize your lawn as part of our Winter Lawn Care services.

  • Weed Control

In wintertime, weeds take advantage of the weakened state of the lawn to fill the gaps. The germination of winter weeds occurs at lower soil temperatures, and the weeds often appear around Easter/April and May.

For weed control in the winter, herbicides that remove invading weeds, without causing any damage to lawns, are suitable. Chemicals that are suitable for your grass type must always be chosen for weed control.

Our weed control experts can free your lawn from weeds and prevent the germination of new weeds.

  • Irrigation System Maintenance

All American Turf Beauty offers reliable lawn Irrigation System Maintenance services. We perform winterization of irrigation systems as part of our Winter Lawn Care services. Winterization involves removing water from the irrigation system and winterizing the components to avoid costly winter damage to the irrigation system.

Our lawn Irrigation System Maintenance services ensure that your irrigation system functions well whenever in use and stays protected during the winter months.

  • Cleaning Up Lawn

Piling of leaves on the lawn during fall can cause your lawn to suffocate before winter. The leaves lying on the lawn could also become wet and that can lead to disease.

If the leaves are not too wet or thick, they can be mulched into dime-sized pieces using a mower, to recycle nutrients back to the lawn. In case the leaves are too wet, thick, or matted down, they need to be raked up and removed.

Moreover, any debris and lawn furniture should be removed from your lawn. Remove any spare logs beside the fire pit too.

Our lawn care professionals rake and clean up lawns before starting with Winter Lawn Care treatments.

winter lawn care

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Proper lawn care during the winter is the key to a lush, healthy, and beautiful lawn in the spring next year. So, act now to schedule your Winter Lawn Care services. Rely on our Winter Lawn Care program to have a healthy lawn in the winter and a vibrant lawn come spring.

A pioneering lawn care company in Iowa, All American Turf Beauty can cater to all your lawn care needs. Leveraging our advanced lawn care tools and extensive knowledge, we turn dull and drab lawns into spectacular ones. Our lawn care expertise and reliable customer service are evident from our vast base of satisfied customers.

Gear up your lawn for the upcoming winter and spring. Sign up for our Winter Lawn Care program today! Want to know more? Call us on 515-996-2261!

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