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Let AATB bring Your Lawn to Life This Season!

From aeration and landscaping to seeding and fertilization, AATB has your entire lawn care program covered this season. Our team of experienced professionals will give your lawn the custom care it needs to flourish.

Get Your Home Christmas-Ready with Christmas Décor by All American Turf Beauty!

Christmas Décor by All American Turf Beauty is a premier holiday decorating service in Iowa. Decorating more than 900 businesses and homes each holiday season in Iowa, we bring a combination of convenience, safety, and astonishing results. Our trained professionals provide beautiful, customized Christmas Lighting displays, making your holiday season as safe and as enjoyable as possible.  

Our Christmas Lighting services include: 

  • Professional Custom Design: Our professional designer will present a decoration design customized to your property. Using design software, we will show you how your home would look after the lighting decoration.  
  • Professional Custom Installation: Once we receive your order, our Christmas lighting installation team will custom fit all decorations and lights to your home with fasteners and clips that are non-intrusive to your property. Our team uses only professional grade garland products and LED lights.  
  • Proactive Service and Inspections: Our team makes proactive service calls to our customers in the holiday season to ensure that everything is working perfectly. If our customers notice a problem, they can give a call to our office. Service calls are always free.  
  • Takedown and Storage: When the holiday season is over, our installation team will visit your home to take down the decorations and lights. Our team will pack and store them at our facility, where they will be serviced and prepared for installation in the next holiday season.  

Professional Lawn Care

Our team of expert individuals offer eco-friendly methods to spruce up your lawns and green spaces.

Permanent Holiday Lighting

Our one-time permanent architectural holiday lighting system ensures that you customize your lights as per the event.

Best Holiday Lighting

Soak in the Holiday spirit with our customized holiday decoration and lighting solutions to beautify your homes.

Perimeter Pest Control

We minimize the need for interior pest control by creating a protective barrier around/outside your home.

Lawn Irrigation System

Trust our irrigation experts as they install an automatic system lawn irrigation system to refresh your lawns even in harsh summer months.

Architectural & Landscape Lighting

NiteTime Décor by All American Turf Beauty is Iowa’s premiere provider of outdoor lighting systems!

Snow Removal System

Our professional snow removal services designed for both residential and commercial spaces ensure that you have a hassle-free enjoyable winter.

Diwali Lighting Services

Diwali Lighting by All American Turf Beauty brings you ethnic Indian decorative home lighting for a bright & auspicious Deepavali.


Customized Solutions:

AATB knows that every lawn comes with its own unique set of challenges. Rather than a one-size-fits-all plan, customers can feel assured that their lawn care will be personalized and given custom treatment and recommendations.


AATB blazed the trail for the programmed lawn care industry in Iowa at its inception in 1976. We have been in the game for decades, so you can count on our team to deliver expert service and knowledge.

Employee Owned:

With AATB, employees are supported, represented, and have a strong morale. This results in exceptional customer service and quality work you won’t find anywhere else.


Licensed, Certified, and Insured!

Get the Best Lawn Care Service in Iowa

All American Turf Beauty provides complete services ranging from lawn care to Christmas lighting. We are dedicated to making your yard and home look its best. Let us do the work, so you can enjoy your home and the things that matter the most to you.

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